V. Chaika: "To friends - everything, to enemies - the law"

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Within two days of work 24 - й City Council sessions Vladimir Chaika in every possible way tried "to drag" a question of allocation of the earth for the honourable citizen and the deputy from Party of Regions Anatoly Dyumin, but alas - mayor "focus" wasn't successful.

In the first day Chaika "unostentatiously" reminded a depuy corps that the court, say, obliged the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies to allocate for JSC Oblrynkkooptorg - 2 a ground at the corner of Oktyabrsky Avenue and Kosmonavtov St. under construction торгово - the entertaining center. At the same time I tried to bring "by ear" the matter in the session agenda in the block of the land questions on Leninsky district.

But deputies, without wishing to break the new law under which distribution of land has to be carried out through auction, solved differently, and in addition declared that no court can force them to earth allocation for any open company. And, anybody at all didn't mention participation in the matter of Dyumin. Perhaps because the deputy at session was absent?.

And, not to heat passion, the mayor obediently receded. Till next day sessions.

But even on Friday 13-го it didn't manage to lull into a false sense of security deputies. The first the deputy Lyudmila Bulakh who with indignation declared to Chaika bethought:

- All of you called is so veiled that none of us couldn't guess at once, what the speech! And after all it is a question of expansion of the market which is familiar to all of us as Dyumin's market "Youzhny". At first we gave it 14 thousand 146 square meters of the earth, then - 1 thousand 700 is a region of a tram ring on Kosmonavtov St., then - 2 thousand 775 square meters of the avenue, and to it all isn't enough? ! To us excessive land "appetites" of the honourable citizen, but, I'm sorry, are certainly known - how many it is possible?

Bulakh other deputies supported also, reasonably noticing that before to submit the matter for session, it would be necessary though any documents to distribute to a depuy corps - that deputies could know about what there is a speech and for what specifically they should vote. The mayor, having listened to all critical remarks, I talked a little more, having again repeated for this session as if become attached to language, expression "to friends everything, to enemies - the law", and receded.

As for Dyumin deputies "cut" a question lobbied by Chaika on a root, it is possible to assume that at the following session round it that fight will be developed still! That "appetite comes during a meal" - doubts aren't present. Especially, when the speech - about the earth - the wet nurse. Well, maybe, though someone from deputies will manage to convince the honourable and charismatic citizen Dyumin that similar "overeating" is fraught...


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