Confidants to "Gazprom" opened details of the agreement

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The base price of the Russian gas for Ukraine in $450 for one thousand cubic meter is recorded for all 10 years, quarterly it will change after quotations of diesel fuel and fuel oil for the last nine months.

One of subordinates of the deputy head of board of "Gazprom" Alexander Medvedev speaks about it, write "Sheets".

According to him, the average prices of January undertake base - September, 2008 - then Brent oil cost an average of $111,4, whereas on Tuesday, January 20, - $41,23.

As adds the source close to "Gazprom", the contract also provides payment to 15-го delivery dates (with adjustment next month) and a penalty for delay - 0,3% a day (in the December project there were 0,5% of a penalty, Ukraine agreed about decrease).

The contract of transit guarantees pumping to 120 billion cubic meters of gas in 2009, reported "Gazprom" (75% of its export streams to Europe); rate of this year preferential - $1,7 (pumping of 1000 CBM on 100 km). In 2010 there will be the European level - $2,4-2,6, Medvedev declared.

As a basis took conditions of the transit contract with Slovakia, tells a source close to "Gazprom": the contract is comparable, it on pumping about 60 billion cubic meters a year, but term twice bigger - 20 years. The rate, as well as in Slovakia, once a year on euroinflation level (preliminary data of 2008 - 2,2%) will be indexed.

Contracts for delivery and transit of the Russian gas in and through Ukraine are signed for 10 years and will work in 2009-2018.

The volume of deliveries to Ukraine is opened only this year - 40 billion cubic meters (against nearly 55 billion cubic meters in 2008 and the December plan for this year - 46 billion cubic meters).

As the deputy chairman of board of "Gazprom" Medvedev, the base rate put in a formula, - $450 for 1000 CBM declared, so, it is possible to count precisely the price of the I quarter for Ukraine - $360 (for 2009 the discount to the European price works 20%-Nye, since its 2010 won't be). It is twice higher, than the previous price of gas for Ukraine in $179,5 for one thousand CBM

However the price will be quarterly fall after oil quotations, and on the average by a year $228,8 will turn out, the prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko declared.In the I quarter when there will be the highest price, Ukraine will try to buy the Russian gas on a minimum, she recognized.


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