The City Council gave the Factory District Department of Internal Affairs a "valuable" gift

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At the past session of city council deputies made the decision on transfer to Factory regional department of militia of computer DURON 700|64|20 gh 15 Samsung system, and also 13 home decoration.

Now an interior of the Factory District Department of Internal Affairs 6 chairs at the price of 27 UAH of 25 kopeks will decorate everyone, four odnotumbovykh of a table worth 108 UAH of 70 kopeks, 108 UAH 50 kopeks, 108 UAH 00 kopeks and 56 UAH 60 kopeks, one chair rotary - 32 UAH 50 kopeks, one simple case for 150 UAH 16 kopeks and one three-leaved case worth 6 UAH

From where such prices? From a limitation period of subjects - the last, for example, "was put into operation" in 1979. Anything, as they say, the gift, and attention is expensive not!


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