Whether there will be in Nikolaev one more bridge through the Southern Bug?

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As already reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", yesterday, on January 21, the public hearings devoted to discussion of the draft of the Master plan of the city of Nikolaev took place.

Besides building and expansion of an urban area, this project provided also the measures directed on strengthening of throughput possibility of transport knot of Nikolaev. In particular, development of trolleybus and bus transport is provided. Extent of trolleybus ways will increase by 28 km, they will pass on Skorokhodov St., Industrialnaya St., Silikatnaya St., and also on Geroyev Stalingrad Ave. and so forth. October. As for bus lines, their extent will make 239 km.

Construction of the land RADAN subway is in the long term planned also. Construction of transport of this kind is planned not only in our city, but also in other cities of Ukraine, for example, Odessa and Zaporozhye. In Nikolaev, according to the General plan, it is planned to construct two depots (each with a capacity of 50 cars) in Factory and Ship areas. As far as it is real in the conditions of our city - will show time …

The special attention in the General plan is paid to the solution of a question of carrying out of transit transport bypassing the city. The project provided completion of construction of the roundabout road with connection it near Vesnyanoye's village to the highway "Odessa — Melitopol — Novoazovsk", and also construction of one more bridge through the river the Southern Bug. Developers suggested to build the new bridge in the residential district Levanevsky that caused many disputes and disagreements at present as there is one of recreational zones of Nikolaev. The mayor assured all that the bridge in this district of the city won't be under construction, and suggested that it will transfer to other place - much more to the south.

Well, developers tried wonderfully well, but there is one "but". From where the city will take money for implementation of this project? After all money for all this is necessary not the small. Investors? They still need to be found and if to remember how many already plan to repair Varvarovsky Bridge or the same Ingulsky, … It is necessary to trust in bright future. Belief, as we know, - piece irrational …


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