V. Chaika is sure that JSC Nikolayevgaz is under NAK "Naftogaz"

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The mayor of Nikolaev disagreed with the assumption that local regional gas is controlled by "Rosukrenergo", but confirmed that at meeting with governors and mayors in Kiev the prime minister - the minister spoke about creation plans in regions of the government regional institutions which have to replace the regional gases which have got under control of the private intermediary companies.

The mayor is sure that in JSC Nikolayevgaz of 50% + 1 action belongs to the NAK "Naftogaz" state enterprise, he isn't controlled by private structures, including "Rosukrenergo", and it isn't threatened by reorganization. And from suppliers of local regional gas he knows DP "Gas of Ukraine" - "daughter" of "Naftogaz".

We will remind, what in a material "JSC Nikolayevgaz has an exclusive resource? ", published on MKMK on January 14, the bezotsenochny version expressed existence at "Nikolayevgaz" of contracts not only with the state supplier, and and with private structures.

This assumption then was based on the statement of the cofounder of "RUE" D. Firtash what his company controls 75% of the Ukrainian regional gases, and the message a press - services JSC Nikolayevgaz of January 13 in which it was said what in 1-2 days such enterprises of the region as NGZ, "Zorya - Mashproyekt" and "Vozko" will start receiving gas in full as its transit from Russia to Europe will be restored (?).

It is known that contracts on gas transit to Europe and its deliveries to Ukraine were signed between "Naftogaz" and "Gazprom" on January 19.

As for the agreement on supply of gas to Ukraine, it assumes absence of intermediaries between two state companies, that is without "Rosukrenergo".

Then D. Firtash specified that in the statement of week prescription meant that 75% of total amount of gas which was implemented in Ukraine, belonged to "RUE", instead of level of its control of the Ukrainian regional gases. Also I reported that just now deliberates over acquisition of packages of their actions.

It rejected statements that "RUE" is the intermediary as 50% of actions of this company belong to "Gazprom", and it has contracts on supply of gas to Poland, Hungary and Romania.

However, on a twist of fate, gas from "RUE" nevertheless has chance and this year to be caught in a distributive net of the Ukrainian regional gases: there were messages that the Ukrainian government intends not to buy that at the last year's price, not that to select at this company its stocks in the Ukrainian underground storages.

As for JSC Nikolayevgaz, questions concerning structure of its shareholders, suppliers and consumers remain in force. Also we address them to the management and a press - regional gas service.


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