Tymoshenko began fight against Yatsenyuk? "With any Firtash we aren't connected"

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In an environment ex-the speaker, the deputy of Arseniy Yatsenyuk refute statements of the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko that it is financed by the co-owner of "Rosukrenergo" Dmitry Firtash.

One of Yatsenyuk's associates told the Segodnya newspaper that Tymoshenko's "attack" is dictated by the political competition.

"With any Firtash we aren't connected. Simply Yatsenyuk "lives" on an electoral field of the prime minister. To it as show opinion polls, now in large quantities pass voices of those people who were disappointed in Yushchenko and in Tymoshenko. Therefore Yulya terribly is afraid of it, and will kill Arseny, without avoiding the dirtiest methods", - told a source.

Officially, however, the ex-the speaker doesn't react to it. "We won't make comments on Tymoshenko's statement", - told a press - Yatsenyuk's secretary Andrey Zhigulin.

It is known that Tymoshenko the other day declared that "in a lobby of the Verkhovna Rada all connect mister Yatsenyuk with mister Firtash, and all say that Firtash finances this new young project".

In Tymoshenko's environment "Today" told that it was not casual "arrival".

"Yes, we know that Firtash of his (Yatsenyuk) finances. Vladimir Granovsky, the person Firtasha" became the political strategist Senie, - declared a source in an environment of the prime minister.

"Further. Soon presidential election. It is necessary to battle after all not simply for a presidential chair, and for voices of "orange" voters which in the majority sympathize Yul, instead of Yushchenko. But Yushchenko can not stand itself not to lose, and to start the operation "successor" as sees in Seine the successor", - the interlocutor of the newspaper from Tymoshenko's environment added.


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