The head of the secretariat of the Nikolaev Uniform Center opened "artful plans" Yulia Timoshenko

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Edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" doesn't share a position of the author, however considers it necessary to place this article to acquaint readers with the point of view of Alexander Bondarya,the head of the secretariat of the Uniform Center in the Nikolaev area.

War between Trojans and danayets. At the time of war with Troy achaeans, after a long and unsuccessful siege, resorted to cunning: they built a huge wooden horse, left him at walls of Troy, and pretended that departure from Troada's coast. The horse was a gift to the goddess to Ilionskaya's Athena. On one side a horse it was written "This gift leaving danayets" bring to Athena to Voitelnitsa. The priest Laokoont, having taken away this horse and knowing cunnings of danayets, I exclaimed: "What it was, I am afraid of danayets, even gifts of the bringing! " But Trojans, without listening to Laokoon's cautions and Cassandra's prorochitsa, dragged a horse in the city. In it 50 best soldiers sat.

At night the Greeks hiding in a horse, left him, interrupted guards, opened city gate, let in the companions who have come back by the ships and thus seized Troy. From there was the expression "Trojan Horse" used in value: secret, artful plan.

Ancient legends take place in our real time, only instead of fortresses more essential scale - the state of Ukraine.

Yushchenko's army

Who could imagine, how many the presents true remains at Victor Andreevich after elections of 2004 in present time. The voter precisely didn't know, and here "lady Yu" knew. I knew because under its accurate management there was a discredit of people of Yushchenko. Known "corruption scandal" 2005 where faithful Poroshenko, Chervonenko, Bezsmertny and others, were beaten out by dirty technologies from authorities.But it is a purpose half, the main objective to bring contention in powerful structure "our Ukraine". After all growing the National - the patriotic party didn't leave chances for Tymoshenko Bloc on elections. And the plan was successfully realized. Under the indignant statements of Party members "our Ukraine" the management left congresses, on places rank-and-file members of party, being indignant that can't be in one ranks with "corrupt officials", went to ranks of BYuT. For the first time after a victory on Yushchenko's elections I remained without commander structure. The rating of party started falling promptly. Elections of 2006 were a harbinger of problems in Our Ukraine party, the result was reached only thanking not so far Maidan, but party structure continued, to be in a fever. Regional heads started adapting to local party situations, without looking at directives from Kiev.

For Yushchenko's short time charges to Baloge to consolidate the regional management with central, to carry out disciplinary actions of a party order and to create a political portrait of Party. To Victor Ivanovich's honor it to him manages to be made, "our Ukraine" became more more solid. Results of elections of 2007 became it confirmation, at a rating to elections about 8%, Baloga managed to provide more than 14%. But Tymoshenko too didn't doze at this time, the company of Lutsenko by which tasks from within were set to disorganize "our Ukraine" is hastily introduced in Yushchenko's Block of a sample of 2007. To such itself "Trojan Horse", but the plan was successfully executed. Didn't manage to sum up yet the results of elections as at the top of the voice Lutsenko's team started propagandizing Tymoshenko, under this banner there was also a head of NSNU Kirilenko. Instantly forgot who gave them the ticket in political life of the country. Yushchenko's army for the second time suffered losses: from lies and intrigues from party there are Bezsmertny, Baloga and group of deputies, at local level members of parties having been tired of a leading arbitrariness, also leave ranks of the party.

Armies with the name "Our Ukraine" already aren't present, there are only separate regional companies, and which - where platoons. Yushchenko's party supporters of a sample of 2004, gradually removed in Tymoshenko's supporters of a sample of 2009. The plan "the Trojan Horse number one" from Tymoshenko is realized.

Plan "the Trojan Horse number two"

Tymoshenko long made the decision to support Victor Yushchenko in 2004 or to stand aside.The decision was made only after signing of the secret agreement, in cases of a victory of Yushchenko the Prime minister - the minister is obliged to appoint it to a position. Tymoshenko understood: having a position, will be able to rescue the block and party politically. For the end of 2004 BYuT fraction in the Supreme Council totaled twenty people. During this period, more than ever Tymoshenko was close to crash.

Yushchenko, here only who could provide her the future. So in our history also it happened. You shouldn't come back to charges of "corruption" of people of the President, about it it is already told. It is possible to draw one parallel, V. Yushchenko for the four-year period - gave in three years to criticism and charges of "corruption", "delivery of national interests" only from Tymoshenko's lips. It became a plan number two basis, destroying Yushchenko's image, hanging dirty labels, there will be an opportunity to receive the full-fledged power.

It wouldn't be so interesting if it wasn't so terrible. Without turning on all the artful acts, human sins, through lies of people makes the way to the power. Yesterday I betrayed the friend, today to change to the political partner, and tomorrow the Ukrainian nation …. To go on destinies of people it is one of orthodox sins and if to connect the future of Ukraine with such politician?

Unity round national interests, honesty in actions and statements, responsibility, have to be a priority for the main officials of the state. Despite of all negative criticism, Victor Yushchenko in it didn't change the positions.

Alexander Bondar, the head of the secretariat the Uniform Center in the Nikolaev area.


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