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From 200 OSMD existing for today in Nikolaev on - to the present it was created for the last two years only 40 - other of ZhSK and a new building were transformed to OSMD. And from these the 40th OSMD steel only 25 houses of municipal property from which only 4 OSMD took own houses on balance.
And these four OSMD is very not easy about what on June 16 on a press - conferences were told by the chairman of OSMD Association of Nikolaev, the chairman of OSMD "White House" (Dekabristov St., 38/2) Alexander Repin.

According to A. Repin, reform of housing and communal services which is declared by the city authorities, in Nikolaev actually doesn't happen, and for housing and communal services Department all reform will consist in that from usual ЖЭКов to make the private.
OSMD for which so agitate the city authorities and which have to be provozvestnik of this reform, in real life face an array of problems who to them create as it is strange, the enterprises of municipal form of ownership by means of executive committee of the City Council and deputies of city council.

Most important "oslozhnitel" of life of OSMD is KP "Nikolayevvodokanal".
Besides that in a question of increase of tariffs of "Nikolayevvodokanalu" the city authorities always give green light (no, public hearings are carried out, however I put it doesn't change), "as soon as the water utility begins беспредельничать, nobody sees this problem", A. Repin speaks. - From "Nikolayevvodokanal's" giving in 2006 the executive committee No. 1081 decision "Was made on definition of the performer of services in the centralized supply of cold water and water disposal for consumers of Nikolaev", and then "Nikolayevvodokanal", based on this decision, drew a conclusion that OSMD is service provider.
Also I tried to force chairmen of OSMD to sign contracts where it would be specified.
However the kamikaze can sign such contract only. After all having become under the contract performers of services, OSMD should sign contracts with each of residents, i.e. in fact OSMD from the non-profitable organization has to become commercial - selling water.Besides, if OSMD becomes the performer of service, it already bears responsibility for quality of water and its timely giving to apartments.
And this with the fact that the producer of water is "Nikolayevvodokanal".
I will add that "Nikolayevvodokanal" wants that OSMD kept the intra house account of water, i.e. paid off with a water utility on indicators of the general house counter.
Actually "Nikolayevvodokanal" wants that OSMD assumed him, a water utility, functions, responsibility, and he simply would receive money.
Therefore such contracts OSMD didn't sign and as the result - now on OSMD is carried out pressure: to residents of houses where OSMD are created, subscriber books aren't issued, counters won't be sealed up, privileges aren't recalculated, - A. Repin told.

Also I added that the claim was submitted to administrative court of the Central district on cancellation of that decision of executive committee thanks to which OSMD in life appeared such "delights". Attempt to put the general counter on the house and to raise money directly from OSMD, instead of from each resident separately, was, according to A. Repin, and at "Nikolayevoblenergo". However on this OSMD can go simply, but also shouldn't is not its function determined by the legislation (OSMD is created only for the maintenance of the house). Though terror in response to refusal of such form of work regional power didn't arrange. And as a whole, A. Repin, with regional power and gas-men as structures not municipal, but commercial to find consensus everything - easier speaks.

Not only "Nikolayevvodokanal" was lit as an oslozhnitel of life of OSMD - the city authorities too which - that for this purpose made.
In May of this year there was a decision of executive committee on tariffs for garbage removal in which rendering service in garbage removal costs to residents of houses of municipal form of ownership why - that less, than rendering the same service for residents of OSMD and the private sector.
- From where this difference - in 1,1 UAH who prepared this decision undertook? Who divided citizens into grades? Though a question not in this difference, it not essentially.
Question in how the city power sees OSMD whom she in them sees. There is a wish that in all of us, regardless of where we live, saw citizens, - the chairman of OSMD Association of Nikolaev noted.

Though not only household questions add "highlights" in difficult life of the Nikolaev OSMD - very often their yards become attractive to intra domestic building decisions about which make deputies of city council (and it is frequent also there are under construction).
According to A. Repin, the Association addressed to all fractions of city council with the offer to enter the moratorium on earth assignment in OSMD yards under construction - not to create conflict situations. However in reply - silence: Nobody hears OSMD.

- Inhabitants of houses of OSMD are people with an active living position. They squeezed out from themselves the slave to system of housing and communal services. And these people are ready to everything, even on re-equipment of the houses on electroheating

that will allow to reduce expenses by 2,5 times. But it would be desirable that there were no wars. I don't urge OSMD to storm a water utility. We want that us heard and faced us. And that the city authorities not simply produced OSMD, and penetrated into problems of the already existing. After all reform of housing and communal services begins with each of us, from each house - it won't bring on "Mercedes" from Kiev. However any party fraction doesn't remember reform of housing and communal services to elections, - A. Repin considers.

It is necessary to add that OSMD face similar problems in all cities of the country. As the executive director of OSMD Association of Nikolaev Mikhail Antonenko speaks, in the legislation there are inaccuracies which allow a water utility of to behave. However in Odessa and in Donetsk the city authorities made the decision and made all producers service providers, i.e. resolved an issue in a complex and removed from residents of a problem.
And at us …

- It turns out that residents of houses of OSMD have to pay for themselves and for that guy.
I.e. if in the municipal house the resident pays only for service which received, to the resident of OSMD in particular a water utility offers other type of calculation - for itself and for the neighbor who didn't pay. And the city power which the legislation granted the right to build policy in housing and communal services, withdraws, - fairly noticed M. Antonenko.


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