The governor A. Garkusha didn't go to meetings to the Prime minister - to the minister because knew nothing about them?

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Today, on January 26, under the chairmanship of the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko the meeting with heads of regional public administrations and their deputies took place. This meeting was devoted to questions of support construction grew. About it it is reported on the official site of the Cabinet of Ukraine.

The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko considers necessary to allocate 1 billion UAH of funds of the Public mortgage institution for completion of incomplete construction.

As it became known"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", neither the governor of the Nikolaev area, nor his deputies didn't go to Kiev.

And it in spite of the fact that, according to the governor of the Nikolaev area A. Garkusha, the construction branch assumed blow of the first. "Production falling in construction began since April when the first breath mortgage, and then and financial crisis concerned builders. And following the results of a year reduction in production in construction in Nikolayevshchina made 21%", - such figures the governor on the last sounded a press - conferences.

In the second half of day the meeting on questions of agro-industrial complex will take place. It should be noted that according to the same A. Garkusha, very well I graduated year from agro-industrial complex of the Nikolaev area: almost twice outputs, by 1,7 times - realization volumes, by 3 times - receipts from agricultural products realization increased. It allowed quickly and to carry out qualitatively to the oseena - field works. Therefore it is possible to expect that the crop of the current season at least won't be worse.

Probably, that fact that the governor ignored meeting in the Cabinet, is connected with that on Friday the President of Ukraine forbade heads to take part in events which are held by the Prime minister - the minister YEAH. But making such decisions, Alexey Garkusha shouldn't forget that the manager of budgetary funds is the Cabinet of Ukraine, and it isn't known how such behavior of the governor for all area will turn back.

Besides, it is interesting as the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada V. Litvin will treat such act, after all as all know, A. Garkusha is the representative of "People's party" which some time ago entered into the coalition.

The head a press - services Nikolaev YEAH Yu. Tikhy couldn't comment on this situation. He declared that about any meetings in Cabinet of Ministers knows nothing. Maybe our governor knew nothing about these meetings therefore didn't go to them? Who knows...


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