On February 4 the Nikolaev marshrutchik will prove the case in Kiev

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Today, on January 26, the meeting of the city authorities with representatives of the transport sphere took place.

At the beginning of action vice-the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha reported present that for time which has passed from a strike of marshrutchik on December 11, the city authorities in every way try to solve existing problems. In particular, a number of meetings with GAI management was already carried out, the commission on traffic safety which activity is directed on the solution of a "marshrutochny" question and many other things is created. Besides, shortly, on February 4, in Kiev public hearings on which will discuss existing problems with passenger traffic in Ukraine will take place. Therefore today participants of meeting were faced by a task: to formulate the problems existing in the sphere of passenger traffic of our city, and to define candidates of representatives from Nikolaev which will go to sound them to Kiev.

However besides election of "walker" to the capital, on action other working questions were hotly discussed also.

In particular, representatives of the transport sphere touched on an issue of so-called stops - traps. Examples of similar traps can be observed in Salt (around a stop "Swimming pool"), in the Kolos market and in other places. At such stops directly in entrance "pocket" foot "zebra" therefore drivers are compelled or to pass a stop is put, ignoring requirements of passengers, or to stop and pay a penalty.

Witz - the mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha promised soon to solve similar problems and for this purpose gave an assignment to collect all information on available problems on roads.

In addition, representatives of transport business mentioned as well a question of the Resolution of the Cabinet No. 1080 forbidding transportation of passengers by cars, remade of the cargo. According to carriers if to observe requirements of this Resolution, 50%, and even 70% of a rolling stock it will be impossible to allow to transportations. It isn't possible to buy new cars in connection with crisis yet.

After all at present the owners of the minibuses who have already taken cars on credit, and so are not in the most advantageous position. At the same income from business, payment on the credit significantly increased in connection with exchange rate growth.Therefore carriers suggested the city authorities to support the bill which will record dollar on the currency credits at the level of 5,05 UAH

Besides listed, the Nikolaev marshrutchik formulated the following requirements: to accept a state program of support of motor passenger transport, to force to work already existing program of support of domestic producer автобоусов, and also to deal with transportations of the preferential contingent (to enter the address help on the drive).

All these offers will be generalized and formulated. And the head of state of emergency "the Car Viola Plus" Yury Kuchukov will carry them at All-Ukrainian public hearings.


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