The budget of Pervomaisk for 2009

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Passed those times when the budgetary sessions of the City Council were the extremely emotional and exhausting, and deputies divided the budget of hours seven - eight. Now on the budget no more than half an hour is taken away: fast assumed as a basis, without fanaticism a liquid applause as the curtain fell voted for amendments and offers, and then and as a whole, and. In a word, the celebration sad цифири because only lazy nowadays doesn't know that the budget will be very intense and, even straining, it will be hard to execute it - crisis, misters.

Adoption of the budget for 2009 was preceded by adoption of the Program socially - an economic development of the city in the come year. The program represented the voluminous document in 170 pages. Deputies of interest to the content of work didn't show, perfectly understanding that the Program is the developed version of a toast: "For all good! ", but reflexes все‑таки - terrible business. Especially as historically round our most important Program broke copies, well unless it is slightly less, than on cutting - budget sewing. It was necessary что‑нибудь to tell about the Program. But what? The first signs were started up by deputies from BYuT. They doubted that the Aaplet кто‑либо from colleagues in general read. And not only from colleagues. All road byutovets persistently bent the line, deepening the terrible suspicions. As a result, officials got to number not reading the Program, it making even.

Judging by further events, byutovets were very close to truth. Only three clever men - the communist Georgiy Carlin, the socialist Lyudmila Kozlova and "nasheukrainets" Vyacheslav Popov - showed that the doctrine - light, and is, there are in this noisy hall the rare birds reaching the middle of Dnepr. That is, to 84‑й pages of the program devoted to modest development of our housing and communal services. Well, and respectively, their offers concerned questions housing and communal services, creation of fund of municipal property as legal entity and creation of the new municipal enterprises.Deputies supported only one offer concerning creation of the legal entity, arrived from the deputy Popov. And questions on housing and communal services, according to the mayor of Lyudmila Dromashko, will be considered at separate extraordinary session at the end of January.

Well, and now we will start a boring budgetary subject. In the explanatory note to the draft budget to an eye of the optimist to be hooked there is nothing. Growth of indicators of economic development the minimum. The profitable base of the budget will make 130,539 million hryvnias. The volume of own income of the city budget is planned at a rate of 5,061 million. From this sum also we will dance.

In the sphere of city health care in 2009 there will be no expenses on carrying out overhauls and acquisition of subjects of long using. Expenses are provided on the following programs: "Diabetes" - 60 thousand hryvnias on insulin acquisition, "Oncology" - 5 тысяч hryvnias on acquisition of surgical tools, "Fight against tuberculosis" - 5 thousand hryvnias on medicines. Total: 70 thousand hryvnias. And any prosthetic dentistry!

In social protection at the expense of the local budget the maintenance of offices of home service, rehabilitation offices and nursing home - 1,532 million hryvnias is provided. To council of veterans and society of disabled people will come on 20 thousand and 10 thousand hryvnias respectively. Financial support citizens will receive on 100 thousand hryvnias. Monthly grants to centenary inhabitants will make 4,8 thousand. The maintenance of the city center of social services for a family, children and youth - 206,5 thousand hryvnias, a funeral of humble origin - 20 thousand, on patriotic education as much, how many and on a funeral - 19,9 thousand hryvnias.

For physical culture and sports it is allocated 552,2 thousand hryvnias. Including: the maintenance of DYuSSh - 537,5 thousand hryvnias, soccer development - 10 thousand hryvnias and action within the Pervomaisk Sports program - 5 thousand hryvnias.

Local governments all means received from leasing of rooms and paid services of archive, - 84,396 thousand hryvnias, will direct on maintenance of the corridors of power.

In culture in general "break". The recreation park of money wasn't given at all. Capital expenses also aren't planned for 2009. Two programs will be financed: "Replenishment of library stocks" - 10 thousand, and "Our city" - 85 thousand hryvnias.

On implementation of the Program of reforming of housing and communal services means in a size of 2,434 million hryvnias are provided.Including 1,050 million on improvement and 80 thousand on capital repairs of housing stock.

Besides, it is planned to encourage chairmen of quarter committees. To them will arrange a holiday on 15 thousand hryvnias. Businessmen were lucky less: in 2009 the city will spend for business development only 5 thousand hryvnias. The Ministry of Emergency Situations on fight against the spontaneous lykh will receive 31,699 thousand hryvnias, and drowning will be able to count on the help of rescuers to whom it is promised 92,334 thousand hryvnias within the "Support Spasatelno — Diving Station and Prevention of Death of People on Water Objects" program. Well, and on performance of deputy powers from the Our City program it will be allocated 50 thousand hryvnias, that is one thousand for each elect.

The development budget which is formed generally due to receipts from sale of land, in 2009 will make 1,547 million hryvnias. At the expense of the budget of development it is planned to carry out reconstruction of treatment facilities of the sewerage for the sum of 85,2 thousand hryvnias, production proyektno - budget documentation on reconstruction of the chlorination KP "May Day Gorvodokanal" - 90,5 thousand, production of project documentation on improvement of the river of Sinyukh - 85 thousand hryvnias, on repair of houses down the street Rodimtsev's Guardsmen, 59A and Korotchenko, 11 - respectively 80 thousand and 79 thousand hryvnias. Funds for cemetery construction down the street by Voznesenskaya - 180 thousand hryvnias, on street lighting - 275 thousand hryvnias, on gasification of kindergarten No. 3 - 250 thousand hryvnias, on reconstruction of a roof of children's policlinic on Korotchenko St. - 230 thousand hryvnias will be also provided. The remained means are distributed as individual share in reconstruction of gas highways of the city.

Discussing the draft budget, deputies brought a number of amendments. They allocated 30 thousand hryvnias for participation of our exceptional children in exit competitions and the Olympic Games. The money provided on repair of a roof of children's policlinic, at the request of the chief physician of TsGB threw on balneary repair: say, the balneary received a lot of gratuitous equipment which without repair of the room will be gone, and on a roof of TsGB will find some sheets of slate. From reserve fund of contingencies it is allocated 7,2 thousand hryvnias for repair of the foyer of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies: the bank from there moved down and it is necessary что‑то to do with the room that then to lease it.

In conclusion of session the chairman of city society of veterans of Afghanistan of g - Yoong's N thanked a depuy corps that for the first time for 20 years which have passed from the moment of the end of war in Afghanistan, the city budget decided to support families of victims and allocated with it 8,4 thousand hryvnias of the help. Such families in Pervomaisk seven. Now each of them will monthly receive from the city budget of 100 hryvnias of the help.



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