Putin accused the USA and the European Union of gas war with Ukraine

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The Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin accuses administration of the USA and the European Union of a situation arisen in Ukraine.

He declared it in the interview to Bloomberg agency published on a site of the Russian government.

"That happened to Ukraine in previous years, is a result substantially activity of former Administration of the USA and the European Union which has supported them", - he declared.

"When, violating the Constitution, by means of events on the street, allow people to come to the power, it means that doom the country, these people where there are these events or events of this sort, on rather turbulent internal political events in long prospect, and internal political situation in Ukraine didn't give the chance to us to come to final arrangements and on a gas question", - Putin noted.

Thus Putin declared that contracts in the gas sphere were signed "on conditions which were offered by the Ukrainian party".

"We agreed with their conditions at the end of last year and when we agreed, they refused, and is exclusive for internal political reasons. And we became everything, both Russia and Europe, the hostage of this internal political situation. Well and now the best confirmation of that I now speak, attempt at the level of the president again is to revise these arrangements", - Putin declared.

On the question, whether this arrangement "such efforts, such expenses" cost, - the Russian prime minister told "yes".

"Because once it is necessary to pass to the normal, civilized, market relations; Russia is interested in it, in it our partners are interested in Europe who receive gas transit through the Ukrainian territory", - he told.

"Because, in - the first, it strengthens its sovereignty. It is impossible to strengthen the sovereignty and to depend on the foreign states in such major sphere as power, it is necessary to pass to market forms of the relations, long ago it was time to make it", - the prime minister noted.

"Well and, at last, today's conditions, conditions of decrease, powerful reduction of prices of energy carriers, of oil, and then and on gas (as you know, gas prices are formed where - that later months five - six, with delay from formation of the world prices for oil), is for Ukraine the ideal moment of transition to the European formula of the price", - Putin declared.

"Better, maybe, also won't be because at the end of this year, respectively, gas price will pay off, proceeding from today's prices of oil, and, so it will be rather low. And I think that we had to pass this period to level a situation on power, in this case the gas market and to create stable conditions on the future", - he emphasized.


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