Governor A. Garkusha of the deputy to the head of department of agriculture YEAH to Ivan Kishchak: "If any bull so did by language as you do, him would expel from herd"

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Today, on January 27, the Board of the Nikolaev regional public administration took place. The report of the acting as the chief of head department of agriculture and the food of the regional state administration Ivan Kishchak became the most discussed.

As it became clear, today in the Nikolaev area the difficult situation in agriculture, especially in livestock branch is observed.

"If any bull so did by language as you do, him would expel from herd", - Alexey Garkusha commented on Ivan Kishchak's report.

The governor sharply scarified activity of management which, according to him, works inefficiently.

"Today it is made nothing for situation stabilization in agriculture. Here, for example, in the Curve Lake for 100% the cattle livestock - and this case not single among areas is cut out. On all area groan from - that, allegedly, badly is. And you weigh any head of the area - though somebody grew thin? No! ", - the governor lectured the representative of management.

As a result of discussion it was decided that in each region of area will be created mini - farms for situation stabilization in livestock branch.


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