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Today, on January 27, in the Small Hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the meeting of city heads with representatives of the Nikolaev enterprises of the production sphere took place. In spite of the fact that this meeting was planned on 11.00, it began with delay almost on hour

At meeting were present vice-the mayor Yury Granaturov (instead of Alexander Zhenzherukhi who went on Board Nikolaev YEAH), the chairman of labor union of businessmen Elena Gerasimchuk, representatives tax and business owners of Nikolaev.

To businessmen suggested to tell about those problems which they faced in the conditions of crisis. Generally producers complained of increase of tariffs for the electric power, of continuous checks which, according to representatives of business, "already simply tortured them", and also what to sell the production in the city every day to become everything is more problematic.

The reason of many problems businessmen called supermarkets which in Nikolaev becomes more and more.

"In the city now the sea of supermarkets, - present producers declared. - From - for them the majority of small shops were compelled to be closed simply. To cooperate with supermarkets on those conditions which they offer us, it is simply impossible - their contracts simply enslaving. Generally all production which is on sale in the Nikolaev supermarkets, is delivered from other areas or is import".

Having listened to claims of producers of the Nikolaev production, the deputy of the mayor declared that quite difficult to influence policy of supermarkets, and it is impossible to force them to sell at itself production of the local producer.

"Supermarkets - not the Nikolaev enterprises. And if it is unprofitable to them, to force them be engaged in it we can't", - explained the vice-the mayor. - Probably, it is worth bringing together heads of all supermarkets and businessmen and as - that to try to settle this problem".

We will remind that today's Board of the Nikolaev regional public administration the governor Alexey Garkusha, already again, raised the question of the Nikolaev supermarkets.

This problem remains very actual, and not only for small traders, but also for the Nikolaev producers. After all only last year from area thanks to supermarkets more than 380 million UAH were "taken out". That fact that supermarkets don't pay taxes in a functioning place, "painfully" beats on a city economy.

At meeting was decided to collect available information on all problem questions and to develop ways of their decision then to include the developed measures in structure of the city anti-recessionary program.

"We should tighten belts under the city budget, - Yury Granaturov declared. - We will have no fatal crisis, but also there will be no such lifting as in last years".


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