Ochakov will deprive of the city status?

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Ochakov can deprive of the city status. It was declared by the governor Alexey Garkusha on Board of the Nikolaev regional public administration.

According to him, it can occur within approaching territorially - administrative reform and from - for an unsatisfactory economic situation in the city.

"Today Ochakovo should think what to do farther. Economically the city doesn't maintain. And it besides that the city is located on the seashore, and even in 4-5 months a job during a season of rest allows to get a large sum of the income, - the governor declared. - But it isn't used, and is unclear why. I think that in a year - two we will come to administratively - territorial reform and the first who will lose the status, there will be Ochakov".

Actually already today Ochakov isn't the city, that is an economic and administrative center. For comparison Alexey Garkusha gave an example of Bashtanka who even in difficult years of formation of independent Ukrainian economy from the settlement developed actually in the city - today Bashtanka is the center with the developed infrastructure (banking institutions, the markets, objects of the social sphere and so forth)

"God grant, that the large enterprises came to Ochakov. But capital investments which "are so frozen" in connection with world crisis, depend not on us. And here small business depends on us, and today the regional authorities aren't exercised by those opportunities which are", - Alexey Garkusha declared.


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