V. Yushchenko: Ukraine made progress in interaction with NATO after the Bucharest summit

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko notes essential progress in many directions of interaction of Ukraine and NATO, reached after the Bucharest summit of Alliance. He declared it today at a meeting with delegation of North Atlantic Council and the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Schefferom with the assistance of members of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, reports a press - service of the head of state.

"There is a speech, certainly, about concrete affairs which lead up gravity of our intentions", - he emphasized.

Thus he noted, importance of the decision on possibility of participation of Ukraine in Forces of reaction NATO accepted on June 13 in Brussels. "This first similar decision for history of our relations with Alliance. Its value for strengthening of our contribution to strengthening of the European and global safety and stability - enormous", - was noted by V. Yushchenko.

The head of state also highly appreciated the decision on the beginning of participation of Ukraine in британско - the French initiative of repair and modernization of helicopters, crew and technicians preparation that also it was accepted on May 15 in the General statement of the President of Ukraine and the Prime minister - the minister of Great Britain.

"We are adjusted to develop this measurement of our interaction. Ukraine and will actively work further together with Alliance for ensuring transport transportations and other requirements of mission on peacekeeping and stability for which bears responsibility of NATO", - the President told.

In this context it reminded that Ukraine - only of the countries - partners of Alliance takes part in all its peacekeeping operations and stability.

V. Yushchenko expressed belief that high rate of interaction of Ukraine and NATO in peacekeeping activity will increase. "These concrete facts testify that Ukraine confirms the position not as consumer and as unique kontributor of world safety and world stability", - the president noted.

The president hoped that the objective general assessment and the accurate plan of action of our intensive interaction based after the Bucharest summit of NATO becomes result of today's conversation. "Its performance becomes pledge of support by all member countries of Alliance of our accession to the Plan of action on acquisition of membership in December of the current year", - V. Yushchenko is convinced.

In V. Yushchenko's too time I noted, in December, 2008 Ukraine can be ready to the accession to NATO because for today the plan of action concerning accession to PDCh is executed for 90%.

The head of state also declared that the issue of the entry of Ukraine in NATO will be resolved on a national referendum.

In return, the Prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko highly estimated visit of members of North Atlantic Alliance to Ukraine. "I think, your presence at Ukraine, and especially your trips on regions, will simply give the chance to remove certain inadequate deposits on NATO question, will give the chance to citizens of Ukraine to understand more deeply for NATO work, its main priorities, essence", - she told.

"The government is the active participant of intensive contacts, and we are ready to pass that way which has to pass the government", - marked out Yu. Tymoshenko.

Among priorities of such activity she called: performance of a full complex of tasks on reforming of all spheres of functioning of the state and society which are displayed in the Program of the government and make a basis of the target Plan for 2008; timely and high-quality development of the target Plan for 2009; improvement of national system of coordinates of cooperation of Ukraine with Alliance. "One more priority is resource, first of all the financial security necessary for deepening of practical interaction", - added Yu. Tymoshenko. Separately she paid attention on importance of a depolitizirovaniye of questions of NATO.

We will remind, today to Ukraine there arrived the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer together with delegation of North Atlantic alliance.


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