The MFA of Russia responded to statements of Ukraine for the BSF

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Basing of the Black Sea fleet of Russia in the Crimea in the territory of Ukraine is regulated by the bilateral agreement of 1997 which is strictly carried out by the Russian side.

I declared a source it in the Russian Foreign Ministry, making comments on criticism of the representative of the Ukrainian foreign policy department.

As noted a source, "The Black Sea fleet strictly carries out provisions of the basic agreement of 1997 in which its actions" are accurately regulated.

The diplomat emphasized that the BSF strictly observes also the domestic legislation of Ukraine. At the same time, according to him, decrees of the Ukrainian president can't be the guide to action for the Russian military fleet.

According to him, it fully belongs and to Victor Yushchenko's decree that the Russian ships have to coordinate exits in the sea with Ukraine.

The Russian diplomat emphasized that "this coordination has notifying character, instead of allowing. That is command of the Black Sea fleet notifies, for example, the Ukrainian party on an exit of the ships from Sevastopol and border crossing, but doesn't wait for permission from Kiev".

He considers incorrect Osavolyuk's statement on the fact that allegedly the Ukrainian party transferred to Russia the memorandum of need of preliminary preparation for a BSF conclusion in 2017.

The diplomat noted that "the Ukrainian colleagues can make the offers the decision on which after negotiations and discussions can be accepted or it isn't accepted. But to speak in this case about a certain memorandum on which Russia has to put the signature, it is impossible".

In turn, making comments on Osavolyuk's statement for rearmament of the Black Sea fleet, the former commander of the BSF admiral Vladimir Komoyedov declared that under the agreement of 1997 the Russian fleet in the Crimea can have to 25 thousand of staff and to 100 units of the ships and vessels. "And in that, and other case at us the big reserve", - was told by the admiral.

He emphasized that notifying nature of coordination works and in this case.

Meanwhile, the assistant to the commander-in-chief Voyenno - navy of the Russian Federation the captain of 1 rank Igor Dygalo on Tuesday declared that in statements of the official representative of Ukrainian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attempt once again to accuse the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation of disrespect for the Ukrainian legislation and violations of conditions of basing in the territory of Ukraine is made.

"Is surprising that along with systematic negotiation process statements which create intensity round conditions of stay of the Black Sea fleet in Ukraine are made and aggravate a situation in the Crimea and Sevastopol", - he emphasized.

On January 27 the director of the first territorial department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Leonid Osavolyuk at a briefing in Kiev declared that the Russian side can't without consent of Kiev reweapon the Black Sea fleet based in the Crimea. Also he noticed that in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine are concerned considerable increase in quantity of offenses and crimes, carried out by the military personnel of the Black Sea fleet of Russia.

Besides, according to Osavolyuk, the Ukrainian party prepared the drafts of agreements concerning basing of the BSF, however didn't receive a consent to their signing from the Russian colleagues.


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