- "Mashproyekt" will cope with plans for 2009 of "Zorya" if learns to make 6 engines a month and if "Gazprom" doesn't prevent

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2008 for GP NPKG "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt", the enterprise which is glory and pride of Nikolaev, for financial performance was very quite good, but whether there is that a year 2009-й while it isn't known.

At plant realize existing risks which can prevent to cope with the drawn-up and approved plans of what and it became known during today's visit on the enterprise of the governor Alexey Garkusha. At the same time at the plant which not really open for the press and with arrival of the new guide of isn't promoting (the governor softly advised the director general of plant Andrey Homenko to eliminate this minus), the journalists who have received exhaustive information on life of the budget forming enterprise visited also.

So, according to the director general of GP NPKG "Zorya" - Andrey Homenko's "Mashproyekt", for 2008 the plant realized production on 1 billion 266 million UAH. These are 58 engines of various power for compressor stations of the main gas pipelines of Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, 14 ship installations for customers in India, Russia, China, Romania and Greece, and also 9 new turbogenerators for China, Russia and Kazakhstan.

In total, on realization of production it was ahead of schedule for 27% that you won't tell about implementation of the plan for products release in the comparable prices - the plan of 2008 is executed only for 80% in relation to the plan of 2007. For this purpose there were reasons, speak at the enterprise: in the first half of the year 2007 didn't put the necessary orders, which date of performance of 11-12 months and consequently, in the first half of the year 2008 "at the exit" was nothing, but in the second half of the year for this indicator overtook. However, this year the plant plans to come to a 30-percentage gain in products release by 2008 and on a 4-percentage gain by 2007.

If to speak about other results of plant, the net profit in 2008 made 141 million UAH (in 2007 - m - 90 million UAH), and the general fiscal loading on the enterprise (taxes and other assignments) - 222 million UAH (at the planned 171 million UAH). In the local budget of "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" gave 48,3 million UAH in a type of tax from the income of natural persons and a payment for the earth.

Past year about what with pride the director general "Dawns" - "Mashproyekt" told, was two contracts with the Iranian customers are signed.One of contracts assumes delivery of 58 turbocompressors to the sum of 172,5 million euros. The second frame contract with the same customer assumes delivery of 42 25 MWt turbogenerators, and under this order purchase of materials and accessories already began. Therefore following the results of 2009 the management of plant plans to come to the sum of 1 billion 800 million UAH of realization of finished goods.

If to speak about the countries - consumers of production, 45% of volume of production will be shipped to Russia, 36% - to Iran, 7% - to India. Belarus, China, Kazakhstan and Ukraine appear in quality of customers. Our country consumes only 3% of production made by the Ukrainian enterprise that, at least, strange. The Ukrainian GTS hardly is in the best state, than Russian, however a considerable share in the Russian orders (70%) are orders of "Gazprom" for serial engines for modernization and capital construction of the Russian GTS. Certainly, certain risks are connected with it (about it a bit later) also, but at plant hope that to a question of modernization of the Ukrainian GTS in our country will approach already soon, and in the second half of 2009 the enterprise expects a shaft of orders for necessary engines already for Ukraine.

On "Zore" - "Mashproyekt" didn't refuse scientific development though, according to the governor, the plant needs to pay to this question more attention, to increase knowledge intensity of the enterprise that will allow it to compete in present conditions in the market.

According to A.Khomenko, and this year the plant will continue to be engaged in implementation of the contract for is southern - the Korean firm on development of the new engine. Besides, pass tests and 2 new the diesel - gas-turbine the unit for the Russian Navies, and also creation of an experimental sample of the 45-60 MWt gas-turbine engine proceeds. At the engine of such power, considers A.Khomenko, - the big future as interest to it is already now, so, there will be also a demand.

Therefore all necessary actions for purchase of the equipment, materials, complete sets and modernizations of new boxing in Kabarge will be executed. In November this engine is planned to aggregate, and in December, 2009 to start tests.

Though not only knowledge intensity will make the enterprise competitive in the international market - it is necessary to invest and in the new equipment. In 2008, according to the director general, in purchase of the new equipment the enterprise enclosed 20 million UAH., and in 2009 - the m is planned to spend 50 million UAH for these purposes

In 2009 elementary lag at rates of production can prevent grandiose plans of plant. For today the need for production "Dawns" makes, according to A.Khomenko, 10-12 engines a month, however capacities, qualification and number of the personnel on give the chance to come to such level. In January and February the enterprise will be able to make only on 4 engines, since March here want to come to 6 engines a month, and in June - August to make on 8 engines. It has to affect not only the new equipment, but also increase in regular number of the main personnel.

As if in response to messages in the press about reduction of workers A.Khomenko's "Dawns" noted that during his tenure of the director general the number of collective was reduced by 875 people (now 11996 people - total number), thus only 153 persons were reduced. "On many sites there is no qualified personnel, we should employ as 320 people, but this plan is implemented only for 50%.

Though in present conditions to us is from whom to choose", - the director told, without having failed to specify that is and than to attract the people: the average salary on the enterprise in 2008 made 2203 UAH (or 4100 together with "13-й a salary" which will be already paid tomorrow), and in 2009 it has to make 2330 UAH. In this respect a little the governor A.Garkusha - a pier "walked" also, you sign contracts in one currency, and you pay to people in another so it would be worth providing such salary which would hold qualified personnel at plant.

And now about risks which can impair a little "Zore" - to "Mashproyekt" final "picture" by 2009.
The first and biggest risk as we already mentioned, is connected with "Gazprom" which share in the Russian orders of plant makes 70%. According to A.Khomenko, there is a direct directive of the Russian prime minister V. Putin on decrease in all prices on deliveries to 20%. In addition to it the ruble "fell off" for 37%. "If to put all this, from us it is required reduction of prices of 57%. We can't allow it and we will fight. Today in "Gazprom" big meeting at which there are also our two representatives. They will defend interests of plant, we will look, than everything will end", - the general director of the enterprise told.

The second-large risk - work with Iran.It is good that the atmosphere round this country from the USA became warmer, but on the other hand if it occurs, the competition in the Iranian market will increase. By the way, enterprise management, already felt interest of competitor companies to the Iranian market.

If risk on supply of gas at the enterprise off the list of risks struck, the risk of possible bankruptcy or a temporary stop of suppliers don't exclude. In this case it will be necessary to look for other suppliers, and it will cause certain difficulties - probably, it is necessary to change some constructive decisions, to carry out additional tests, etc. And about such risks as the outdated equipment and shortage of qualified personnel, was told above.

Generally, if "Gazprom" doesn't prevent and "the enterprise will learn to make 6 engines a month", "Zorya" - "Mashproyekt" will cope with plans for this year, the director general considers. Even despite crisis.


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