Tymoshenko buys communists with giblets a chair of the first vice-the speaker

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Besides personnel shifts in the Cabinet, planned for the beginning of February, rotation in the management of the Verkhovna Rada is planned also.

According to available information, the position of the first deputy chairman of Rada which is held now by Alexander Lavrinovich (Party of Regions), can pass to the deputy head of fraction of Communist Party Adam Martynyuk. Such castling, according to sources, is caused by need to prevent possible vote of communists for government resignation. The leader of Communist Party Pyotr Simonenko didn't confirm this information, but noted that communists are always ready to hold this post.

We will remind, on February 5 the Party of Regions plans to initiate consideration in the Verkhovna Rada of a question of the report of the government and further expression of mistrust to Cabinet of Ministers that will automatically cause its resignation. Besides Party of Regions (175 deputies), the part of deputies of "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction (about 30 parliamentarians) and Communist Party fraction (27 deputies) can support this decision. Sources claim that, having carried out rotation in the management of the Verkhovna Rada, representatives of the coalition intend to get support of communists and by that to achieve from them refusal to support mistrust expression to Yulia Timoshenko's government. Moreover, all personnel shifts - both in the government, and in Rada - it is planned to carry out a package in order to avoid possible violations of arrangements.

Alexander Lavrinovich told that he doesn't exclude the scenario of the resignation and replacement on more loyal to the parliamentary majority a figure.

- It is quite logical if they (members of the coalition) act with such methods with what worked before, - he told, having cited as an example events in Rada on January 26. We will remind, this day the emergency meeting of parliament following the results of which the resolution of December 16, 2004 about appointment as the chairman of National Bank of Vladimir Stelmakh was cancelled took place. Mister Lavrinovich then actively opposed adoption of this decision.

- Realization of the desires, despite right bases is necessary to the coalition. And why to them then the person who though disturbs them in it a little? - I asked a rhetorical question first vice-the speaker.

Of Communist Party assured that concerning change of the management of parliament they while with anybody don't conduct any negotiations, but let know, what not against to occupy a chair of the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

- While there are no reasons to conduct similar negotiations, - the leader of fraction of Communist party Pyotr Simonenko declared. - But if the position (the first deputy chairman of BP) is vacant, I surely on behalf of Communist Party will propose Adam Martynyuk's candidate.

Thus mister Simonenko emphasized that participation of mister Martynyuk in the management of parliament "would be considerable plus that is today".

- Such option of personnel shifts in Rada is quite possible, - the chairman of the board of the Center of the applied political researches "Penta" Vladimir Fesenko considers. At the same time the expert is sure: if communists go to voting on all personnel questions in a package, "they will strongly be covered". "After similar vote during which, besides the candidate for a post of the first vice-the speaker, they will support also so-called "orange" ministers, it will be very difficult to them to prove that they not in the coalition", - mister Fesenko noted.


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