Now it became clear to Europe for what "shantazhistka" Russia began the conflict

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The president Victor Yushchenko considers that the Russian side initiated the gas conflict to the control purpose over the Ukrainian gas transmission system "Gazprom".

He declared it in interview to the Evronyyuz TV channel broadcast on the night of Thursday, reports "Interfax - Ukraine"".

"In other words, to repeat that was made with gas transmission systems of Moldova and Belarus in recent years. Obviously, there is the same plan concerning the gas transmission system of Ukraine that it passed under control of "Gazprom" of Russia", - he noted.

"It is unacceptable for us. It is a national resource, a national asset, it if you want, an embodiment of our independence. In this case - power", - the president emphasized.

Yushchenko once again emphasized that Ukraine didn't block the delivery crane.

"All gas-pumping-over stations of transit character are at the Russian side. And responsibility that supply of gas to Europe was blocked, is born by the Russian side", - the president told, having added:

"As the president of Ukraine I want to declare: neither in 2008, nor in 2009 of any cubic meter of transit gas Ukraine didn't use for the needs".

"I want to repeat simply that Ukraine didn't take any step which would limit supply of the Russian gas. In other words, Europe became the hostage of the Russian policy. It is blackmail. Blackmail of the European community for which are pursued by the Russian side", - was told by Yushchenko.

At the same time, the president considers that the gas conflict grouped the Ukrainian society.

"I consider that that incident which happened in the relations of Ukraine, Europe and Russia at the beginning of January, certainly, grouped the Ukrainian society. People understood, that economic stability which is based on not diversified power and especially gas policy" is how fragile, - he told.

Yushchenko is also sure that this year Ukraine will sign the contract on association of power systems.

"It is sure that this year Ukraine will sign the contract on association of power systems", - he declared in interview.

The president considers that the Bruxelles conference which will take place in March, "will give a good subject for reflections about integration in systems of transport opportunities of Ukraine in the European gas market".


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