Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia doesn't apply for the territory of Ukraine

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The Russian Foreign Ministry calls untrue statements of the Ukrainian party that Russia tries to take away part of the territory of Ukraine.

"It is impossible to capture what isn't present. Anybody never recognized that between Russia and Ukraine in Azovo - the Strait of Kerch there is an existing line of frontier", - the special envoy told on Thursday to journalists the MFA of Russia Alexander Tolkach.

Earlier the director of the first territorial department the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Leonid Osavolyuk declared that "The Russian Federation tries to move that border which is today in the Strait of Kerch, and thus it is illegal to take control of the territory of Ukraine".

The Russian diplomat expressed opinion that Ukraine tries to resolve in the shortest terms an issue of border to enter NATO.

"Any euroatlantic aspirations of Ukraine mean that it will settle all the questions, including boundary. The border is necessary to them for one simple reason: as soon as possible to enter NATO", - Alexander Tolkach noticed.

Alexander Tolkach also noted that the main question there is a differentiation of the Strait of Kerch.

"If we resolve an issue across the Strait of Kerch, very quickly we will be able to resolve and an issue across the Sea of Azov, and a question across the Black Sea. But here the political decision which is difficult for expecting from the present leadership of Ukraine" is required, - he emphasized.

The Russian diplomat noted that gradually work in this direction everything is moves ahead.

"The decision to establish border in the Sea of Azov on the basis of a combination of methods was made: on the median line and on a proportional method - according to coast length", - Alexander Tolkach told.

He added that for the solution of a question on the Strait of Kerch Russia, in particular, offered its sharing and creation of the relevant corporation.

"But things are right where they started. The Ukrainian party categorically against there to do something", - the ambassador told.


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