Deputies of the City Council sent prosecutor's office to court and once again became on protection of the Russian channels

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Even in the morning, prior to session, the mayor Vladimir Chaika expressed support to the picketers who have come to the building of executive committee to be overcome for the right to watch the Russian TV channels which have been disconnected by Broadcasting Company "Norm" on request of law enforcement agencies. But having already entered a sessional hall, the mayor fell upon the guide of this cable operator:

- "Norm" didn't obtain the license for extension of a cable broadcasting for 2 Russian channels. They switched-off these channels, and all dissatisfied redirected to call on a reception of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. These calls on Saturday - Sunday was more, than for all heating season! - the mayor was indignant. However more question of absence of the license for sessions didn't emerge. Deputies concentrated on the fact of shutdown of two Russian channels one Nikolaev cable operator and decided to support the indignation of the next address to parliament and Cabinet of Ministers.


"The Nikolaev community has the full right for access to comprehensive information on all events which occur as in Ukraine, beyond its limits. Nikolaev the City Council took such position and continues to borrow concerning policy of a ban which is applied now to all cable networks of Ukraine.

The decision of the National Council on television and the broadcasting which has come into force in November, 2008, the list, first of all Russian, the TV channels allowed for relaying in the territory of Ukraine was significantly limited. We, deputies of the Nikolaev city council, consider that such decision of the Kiev officials contradicts spirit of democracy.

Openness of world information space is shown in free competition of channels of the different countries. When the TV viewer himself can choose the best TV channel or the cable operator at whom it is possible to watch TV channels and the programs, interesting the viewer.

Besides, actions of the National Council limit the right of citizens for information, Constitutions of Ukraine, to the Law of Ukraine "About information", to provisions of the Convention on protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms of the person contradict.We will remind that the 10th article of the Convention guarantees the right for freedom of views and the right to information, freedom to adhere to the views, to receive and distribute information and ideas without intervention of the state and irrespective of borders. Actions of the National Council contradict the Charter about languages, depriving a half of Ukraine of possibility of viewing of programs in the native language.

In present socially - an economic situation introduction of a ban on TV channels is, at least, an ill-timed move, an excess irritant for and without that population of our city excessively excited with crisis and the country as a whole.

At the end of October (the City Council decision of 30.10.08) the City Council I addressed to the National Council with the requirement to stop action of the decision on a ban of the Russian mass media. Unfortunately, the reply of the National Council is contrary of 04.12.08 to a position of a city community.

Therefore, according to deputies of the City Council, all TV channels have to be allowed for free distribution in cable networks, irrespective of, Russian they or Ukrainian. It is necessary to make corresponding changes to the legislation and to fence off the information sphere from any and unreasonable intervention of this or that official of the National Council. Such intervention does harm to development of new technologies in Ukraine.

The further aggravation of the conflict round the termination of translation of the Russian TV channels doesn't correspond to interests of inhabitants of Nikolaev as worsens reputation of our country as the democratic and constitutional state", - is told in the address of deputies of the Nikolaev City Council.

After vote the prosecutor's office protest on the previous similar decisions of the City Council was on this matter considered. The prosecutor's office indicated excess by the Nikolaev City Council of the powers provided by the law, however deputies refused to agree with it. The protest of prosecutor's office was rejected, to the prosecutor's office recommended to defend the position in court.


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