-2009 deputies met adoption of the city budget an applause – to darlings and the chief of a gorfinupravleniye Valentina Bondarenko

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In spite of the fact that even on the eve of the "budgetary" session of city council persistent hearings that deputies don't want to adopt such budget (indirectly these hearings went were confirmed also by half-hour morning interfractional council), nevertheless at the first plenary session 32-й sessions of city council on January 29 the main financial document of the city for this year was accepted.

And those remarks which were done by deputies after the main report of the deputy of the mayor - the chief of a gorfinupravleniyeValentina Bondarenko, didn't demand cardinal copying of the budget. And the chairman of the constant deputy commission on budget questions Alexander Bernatsky assured colleagues that city financial management did everything possible, as though hard it wasn't necessary to it: the budget is balanced, all protected articles are completely closed.

So, the city budget-2009 has to be sufficient: profitable and account its parts are planned of 887 million 656,248 thousand UAH. On the general fund of the budget it is planned to allocate:

  • 43,1 million UAH - on local governments;
  • 599,1 million UAH - on education;
  • 188,3 million UAH - on the health care sphere;
  • 17,8 million UAH - on physical culture and sports;
  • 32,2 million UAH - on the culture sphere;
  • 46 million UAH - on housing and communal services.

If to speak about offers, the deputyOleg MudrakI asked to provide 300 thousand UAH on development of the project of the pressure head collecting pipe in the Ship area (to it promised to return to this question after the first quarter), and the deputyIgor KopeykaI offered at the expense of the funds allocated for elimination of spontaneous dumps, to finance the KP "Nikolayevkommuntrans" conversational services.
On the same "rubbishy" means there were plans and at the colleague I.Kopeyki on fractionIrina Posnichenko- she suggested to let them on payment of "grants" 100 - to summer citizens.

And hereSergey PalivodaI suggested these surcharges to centenary nikolayevets to make at the expense of the means provided on payments to Honourable citizens of Nikolaev (a pier, to leave these payments only that who is needy, and another to suspend payments). AtPyotr Zibrovthere was other subject - he considers that all expenses connected with repair of roads, it is necessary to transfer to housing and communal services Department not to split up means and that it was impossible that "Something to itself repairs department, and administrations of areas - something to itself". However director of the department of housing and communal servicesVladimir NovozhilovI didn't support this offer, having informed the colleague that at Department with administrations of areas in a question of repair of roads - full mutual understanding.Igor Katvalyukother moment interested: and if there are failures on receipts in the budget what will be undertaken?

According to V. Bondarenko if there are failures on revenues to realization of the powers delegated by the state, then by the legislation possibility of implementation of a short-term interest-free loan in treasury and if there are no funds for own powers is provided, or will be is transferred limits waiting for receipts, or the account part will decrease forcedly profitable and, respectively.

After all performances the floor was taken by the director of the department of housing and communal servicesVladimir Novozhilov, which in brief informed deputies on those priority directions on which means didn't suffice, - in hope that at implementation of the city budget following the results of the first quarter or the first half of the year deputies will return to the matters. This construction of a dyuker on other coast of the Southern Bug (the total cost of the project of 13 million UAH in the prices for January 1, 2009, but for all sum V. Novozhilov in these economic conditions at all doesn't count - only on any part) reconstruction and Industrialnaya St. construction (will look for the contractor who will win the tender and will carry out all works on credit).

Serious problems on construction kanalizatsionno - a water supply system, first of all pressure head collectors (a self-flowing collector on Peredovoy St., inclusion of part of houses in Varvarovke in existing system of the sewerage and water supply, continuation of works on a tamponirovaniye of cesspools in Varvarovke). It is necessary to continue improvement of a thermal network of the city (construction of boiler rooms as opened at school No. 40).Repair and reconstruction of all intra house networks water - warmly - and power supply is important.

"I hope that all of us will work with you over filling of the budget and following the results of the first quarter or half-year we will allocate necessary funds for the solution of these questions", - toldV. Novozhilov.

Generally - that, on it discussion of the city budget-2009 also came to the end. voted pro 62 deputies. Then they agreed with the proposal of the mayor to applaud to themselves andValentine Bondarenko- for high-quality work on the budget in a short time.


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