Nikolaev has no money for the maintenance of bridges, let the state will take care of them, - session of the City Council

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The Nikolaev bridges are part of road transport corridors - Euroasian (Odessa - Nikolaev - Kherson - Kerch) and Black Sea (Rennie - Ismail - Odessa - Nikolaev - Kherson - Berdyansk - Rostov). Not only that ways to them go on the central city streets which turned into cargo highways, so also bridges don't maintain existing loading and constantly demand capital repairs.

The bridge through the Southern Bug is in operation since 1964, its general extent - 1700 meters, width - 10,5 meters, adjustable rotary flight - 126 meters. Since May, 2001 the bridge constantly is under repair. The cost of repair makes 22,8 million UAH from which 8,4 million UAH are already mastered. Intensity of movement - 27 thousand transport units per day.

The bridge through Ingul is operated since 1980. Intensity of movement on it - 20 thousand transport units per day. On made proyektno - budget documentation on its repair needs 11 million UAH

Taking into account sharp increase in intensity of movement on bridges including transit transport, there is an accelerated destruction of highways and bridges. Reliability of bridges decreases, nodal elements are corroded by corrosion, rivets weaken and drop out, ferroconcrete plates of the carriageway collapse. The asphalt concrete covering of the streets with a general extent of 13,28 km "tied" on bridges demands repair. Amounts of works on repair and arrangement of an asphalt concrete covering "pull" on 1 659,2 thousand UAH and 1 413 thousand UAH respectively.

The Nikolaev bridges and roads on these routes have the strategic - the state and international value. And funds are allocated for their contents from the local budget (including, the vehicle tax raised from vehicles, registered only in Nikolaev). Total cost of the above-named works - 6,8 million UAH, and works on reconstruction of bridges - 25,4 million UAH.

The city financially isn't able to contain bridges in proper condition therefore once again session of the City Council addressed to the Cabinet the Nikolaev bridges of the state value received the corresponding status, that is, were transferred to state property.

However, it already the fifth similar decision and the appeal of the Nikolaev City Council since 2004. In 2007 even the Order of Cabinet of Ministers "About transfer of the carriageway of highways to state property" was accepted, but it isn't carried out. Therefore deputies of the City Council decided to address to the government once again.

In parallel with this address session accepted the address to the President, the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet, regional council and the regional state administration with a reminder on need of implementation of the investment project on construction of the bypass bridge crossing for lack of which the city chokes with transit transport.


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