Kuzhel considers that "regionals" neglected it "potential". "Regionals" consider that Kuzhel says lies

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As it was already reported, in the Party of Regions (PR) intend to exclude from the ranks Aleksandra Kuzhel who has been recently appointed the head of the State committee on regulatory policy and business.

Madam Kuzhel, before membership in PR a holding position of the deputy head of political executive committee of Labour Ukraine party, during this period, when it was headed by Sergey Tigipko (now he is the cochairman of Council of investors at the Cabinet and the possible candidate for a post of the Minister of Finance), quietly treats prospects of the exception of party.

- If parties aren't necessary professionals, let exclude, - she declared, having added that "they (Party of Regions) already managed in this way from Bogatyreva, and now it is possible to expect anything". It is known that the secretary of Council of national safety and defense Raisa Bogatyreva was excluded from PR for public criticism of the party leader Victor Yanukovych, having condemned him an appeal to the Ukrainian authorities to recognize independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Madam Kuzhel also reported that during the whole last year, "when was without work", repeatedly addressed to PR management with the offer to use its professional potential for preparation and writing of programs of anti-recessionary actions.

- I simply wasn't necessary to anybody, - she noted, having added that at a present position received from the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko "full of cards - Blanch on all necessary actions".- Instead of as in the previous governments and in Party of Regions - when a half of people struggled with me and in every possible way prevented to work.

- It says lies everything! - emotionally the deputy leader of the party of regions Vladimir Rybak declared, answering a question of why Aleksandra Kuzhel for a year wasn't involved in party work. - I personally, for example, involved it in development of laws on overcoming of crisis in the construction sphere, she participated in meetings of committees, the working groups.

Mister Rybak also assured that PR will surely invite madam Kuzhel to consideration of a question of an exception it from party which will take place at the beginning of February. "We will make everything as it is necessary, - he told.- And in general, being in opposition, it is impossible to be "slightly - slightly pregnant" and to be presented to the authorities. Such doesn't happen".

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