The Ilyichevsky port began a strike with the requirement of resignation of the government of Tymoshenko

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Today meeting of a protest of workers of GP "Ilyichevsky Sea Trade Port" in which 2800 people took part took place. This step became reaction of labor collective to dismissal of the chief of IMTP Gennady Skvortsov and the power capture of the enterprise which has taken place in 5.30 mornings.

According to employees of port, the purpose of these actions is change of the management of port and transfer of moorings No. No. 1-2 state of emergency "Ukrtranskonteyner" which G. Skvortsov opposed.

On protest meeting by labor collective the decision to address to the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, the Prime minister - to the minister Yulia Timoshenko and the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko with the requirement to bring an order on state enterprise was made.

In the resolution participants of meeting also demanded resignation of the government, change of the management of State Department of sea and river transport of Mintranssvyaz, order MTSU cancellation of 29.01.2009 г.№86 about G. Skvortsov's dismissal, and also accountability of the persons guilty of an event.

Besides, dockers of IMTP unanimously made the decision on termination of work of the enterprise and the beginning of a termless strike to full satisfaction of their requirements.


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