The Nikolaev bridges will draw at night?

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Today, on January 30, 32-I pass session of the Nikolaev City Council. Among other at session the question of a ban of divorce of bridges was brought up in the afternoon. Deputies sent the corresponding inquiry to inspectorate for navigation. And today the answer came to this inquiry - it is impossible to carry out distributing of bridges at night as at night the waterway of the river isn't shined.

However such answer didn't satisfy deputies.

The opinion of bridges dissatisfied with distributing was sounded in the afternoon by the deputy Galina Yaroshenko: "I several times got on distributing of bridges is was awful. I thought that I won't reach to the following stop". It explained that the Nikolaev bridges are for a long time in operation, and when distributing bridges the congestion of cars gives big load of old designs. Therefore, according to the deputy, similar operations need to be carried out only at night.

After short discussion it was decided to write the missive to GP "The Delta — the Pilot" and to inspectorate for navigation with the requirement to establish some anchor buoys with illumination on a waterway.

After that Vladimir Chaika reminded present that soon should worry about a condition of bridges not the city, and the state - yesterday at session the decision once again to address to the Cabinet was made the Nikolaev bridges were transferred to state property.


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