Tymoshenko's answer to charges of the President: Yushchenko's address – a panic, hysteria and a lie

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The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko declared that the budget for January, 2009 is exceeded, both all salaries to state employees and pension will be paid.

About it it is spoken in the statement of the prime minister which was published by a government site.

"Is sad for the president and optimistical news to the country: despite crisis, the state budget for January it is exceeded", - it is spoken in the statement.

"Salaries to state employees and pension are paid and further will be paid in due time and in full. Gas prices for the population and теплокомуненерго don't raise, remain at the level of last year", - the prime minister declared.

The prime minister emphasized that "Naftogaz" rhythmically delivers gas to the Ukrainian consumers and to Europe and works safely, for the first time for many years without intermediaries and corruption schemes".

Besides, making comments on the address of the president Victor Yushchenko, Tymoshenko declared: "Yushchenko's so-called address to the people is a mix of a lie, a panic and hysteria".

"All people saw that the president is not that leader who is necessary to them in times when Ukraine passes tests for durability under blows of a powerful world economic crisis", - is spoken in the statement.

"The government and the parliamentary majority work in a busy schedule, and from their name I ask the president: if you don't help then don't disturb", - the prime minister noted.

"The world and Ukraine - in crisis. I don't want to adorn a situation, but also to spread panic I won't allow anybody", - marked out Tymoshenko.

"To fight against crisis, the political consolidation, cold and sober mind, iron nerves, will power, determination and deep feeling of responsibility - what always didn't suffice are necessary to us, doesn't suffice, and won't suffice to Victor Andreevich", - the prime minister emphasized.


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