In the Nikolaev area the centers of employment refuse to put on the accounting of peasants who lost work

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The head of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party Yury Shirko declared that from regional and rural offices numerous addresses concerning a discrimination, the regional and city centers of employment where refuse to register the persons who living in rural areas and have lost work arrive. The main cause of failure in granting the status of the unemployed for country people - the requirement of the centers of employment to show the reference signed by the rural head relatively not to belonging of the person to personal country economy. However, as according to the Law of Ukraine "About personal country economy" all peasants registered in village councils, are allocated with land shares and are members of personal country farms and as the necessary reference has no approved sample therefore peasants who remained without work can't receive the status of the unemployed.

Yury Shirko emphasizes: "The real situation terrifies the cynicism - people who were employed at the enterprises and establishments in the nearest regional centers and the cities, regularly paid insurance premiums for an unemployment case, today, having lost work, remained without the state support and possibility of employment". Thus, the representative of UNP emphasizes, "appropriate authorities of executive power at all don't consider this situation, referring to lack of the corresponding explanations and imperfection of laws".About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party.

"Such actions - manifestation of populism and desire to suppress real unemployment rate in the country on the eve of an election of the president of Ukraine therefore we addressed to the Prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine, to the Minister of work and social policy, the Director of the state center of employment, the Head of board of Fund of obligatory state social insurance on an unemployment case with the requirement to stop populism and immediately to help the unemployed, to solve legislative problems owing to which people remained without the state support and possibility of employment" - were summed up by Yury Shirko.


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