"Cheap" price... Regionals vote, and after understand for what?

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I wouldn't began to abuse attention of the Reader the story about one of the local "climbers", "subdued" a hillock of "shining heights" the imperious Nikolaev Olympus called by local government. It is a lot of honor to "rock-climber".

However that occurred at the last session of the City Council, exhausted all patience.
In whom the feeling of elementary human self-esteem and concern on the future of the children didn't die yet, it is sure, me will understand.
The deputy of the City Council, the member of the Kopek PR fraction who in combination is the chairman of the constant commission of the City Council concerning management of municipal city property, submitted for consideration of session the next offer, so to speak, "by ear".
He sounded it extremely muffledly, and the majority of the present didn't catch (or didn't want to capture) an essense of this "question". Well, and "the most loving city the mayor of Ukraine" with peculiar to it knowledge of city problems and boundless patriotism without hesitation put it among other on vote.

Regionals, as well as those who practically always supports opinion "it is white - blue" the majority, quickly "voted the list", including and Kopek "offer".
Certainly, as well as always, it is exclusive for "ideological" reasons.

What offered the Kopek, convicted by "trust of voters" and "companions on fight" as "the staunch fighter" for preservation and enhancement of municipal property?

He "all - navsy" suggested to include in the list on privatization one production structure.
>It would seem, the trifle - one for kopeks the "privatized" enterprise is more, one have less...
But here a question that it for the enterprise.

There is in Nikolaev a municipal manufacturing enterprise on catering services in the educational institutions, located at the address: Karpenko, 49.

I will note that in Ukraine of the enterprises of a similar profile (and thus being in municipal property) it is a little.And existence such, to a certain extent, could be pride of any city, which power not only is declarative (or in anticipation of incessant elections in this country) "are baked" about younger generation. By the way, the secretary of the City Council and the member of the same party Kopeyki V. Korenyugin, is remembered, the pride of existence of such structure in Nikolaev sounded. And I, for example, absolutely with Vladimir Ivanovich in it am solidary.
Business which this enterprise, really, noble is engaged in.

Certainly, on those pennies that are taken away by "people's deputies" from city budget on catering services of young nikolayevets at schools, culinary masterpieces and delicacies of children you won't feed.
But also on that thanks. Kids - that not the "elected" parents.
Not the hungry - and it is fine...
And that's it this enterprise Kopek desired to privatize.

What for?

Real estate, Reader, real estate...
Total area, besides, rather big.
Buyers on it always will be.

And about that after privatization he (or the first sprained to it "conscientious buyers") will apply all forces available for them and funds for improvement of quality of food of school students, Kopek better to tell to the doctor of the corresponding profile.
Well, as a last resort, to the prosecutor.
However, where they, prosecutors - that...

But, probably, the Lord took pity on children small and sent them the defender.
In the person of N. Kolechko, too, as it is strange, the deputy of fraction of the Ave.
H. Ringlet after some time I thought for what it, her members of the same party and adjoined them "sympathizing" voted.

Whether Nina Konstantinovna remembered that she not only the deputy - the regional, but also the teacher, the principal, whether was simply cleverer than the Kopek, the intelligence widely known for high level, and the first understood, what resonance can cause adoption of such decision in the city...

Also I showed hardness in upholding of the point of view.
Deputies, we will pay them tribute, managed to come round, and "the question didn't pass".
It... it is postponed.
Before the following session.
Though unofficial statements of members of PR fraction to the Kopek, sounding about it, were, as though it is softer, very impartial.
In any case, not less rigid, than statements of "colleagues" to being in far from sober a condition of the communist Vizir who has started with Chaika the most banal bargaining regarding "the solution of its question" - as a gift on the occasion of Birthday...
And, literally in the face of deputies and "general public".
As, however, and in the address "the heat-treater - the progressionist" Nikonova with its "epoch-making":

"Our fraction isn't satisfied with those sums which we receive from sale of land".

Alas, it is necessary to establish the sad fact - business with selection of "party" shots "on places" badly is still put.
Absolutely, I would tell, badly...

But it so, strokes to portraits, we will return to a narration subject. I think, the head of regionals will find a way to encourage N. Kolechko for vigilance and care of preservation of the remains of "electoral base" the party organization entrusted to it.

That's it, remains...
Dear Nikolay Petrovich, it is obvious while badly imagines the size of the electoral losses suffered by party "thanks to" such here to kopeks.
Though, it is sure, N. Kruglov perfectly understands that similar "figures" serve only as the tool in achievement of close tactical targets. And the price to them - it is valid, kopek.
And here non-performance of the strategic tasks set by party leadership can cause very unpleasant consequences.
To whom as not to Nikolay Petrovich it is the nobility...

Quantity reduction симпатиков practically twice is, whether you know, not simply omissions in the management, it is a frank failure. And to compensate it for the account even more "high growth rates" to number "participating" in vote and other "inaccuracies" when forming electoral lists, any more it won't be possible.
The objecting will be rather already were.
Both "contributions", and their sizes in a suitcase equivalent (sacred business) in party cash desk to be taken into account as the most important criterion of an assessment of activity "conductors of ideas of party on places" too won't be. In Ukrainian "policy" long ago already you will surprise nobody with money, it is much more preferable - real electoral weight.

By the way, the solution of congress on clarification of party ranks "from are nasty" already managed "to sink into oblivion"?

It is a pity...
However, it is problems of this party.
And the last.
The Nikolaev schoolboys while remained at the pies - cheese cakes.And here those which have remained while supporters of PR voters, can not master a disappointment attack. Also will join already departed half. And demagogical jabber about "cynical use" opponents "black public relations - technologies" in attempts "to cast a shadow", "to sling mud" at, etc. lost electorate not to return any more.
Existence of kopeks in it will cost much to party.
Much more expensively than absence in it those.


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