In Cabinet of Ministers start reducing deputy ministers

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In Cabinet of Ministers dismissals began. Within aniktikrizisny economy the first the heads of the deputy ministers which staff was unreasonably exaggerated will depart.

The government started carrying out the program of reduction of administrative expenses. As the newspaper "Business" reported, at the end of last year the management of Cabinet of Ministers promised to reduce such costs for a third.

The first dismissed three deputy ministers of environmental protection of Georgy Filipchuk. At meeting of Cabinet of Ministers last Wednesday the minister showed an initiative and told the names of officials of which he is ready to get rid. Yulia Timoshenko right there signed the relevant order. As a result Filipchuk still had only seven deputies.

According to the minister of Cabinet of Ministers Pyotr Krupko, the requirement about cuts in expenditure concerns all executive authorities therefore dismissals will proceed. "We have the real problem with number of deputies, and not only at the top level, but also on the local: in the Kiev administration now 14 deputies, from which four - the first! " - Krupko is indignant.

The minister of affairs of a family, youth and sports Yury Pavlenko agrees that his device also should be compressed. It plans to reduce two of the seven deputies. "When I worked as the minister in 2005-2006, number of deputies in all ministries, except some exceptions, was limited to four, and it was quite enough", - Pavlenko reported.

According to the minister, excessively exaggerated states of deputies were formed from - that when forming the government extremely difficult consultations in parliament were held. When the coalition included some fractions, each of them demanded the deputy in the necessary ministries. "It is very heavy to work when your deputy submits not to you, and to any head of fraction, and first of all thinks of reaction of the deputies! - summarizes Pavlenko. - At me in team is the deputies some sent from parliament with whom I don't communicate almost: they carry out any political function".

As the former prime minister - the minister Valery Pustovoytenko told the newspaper "Business", in 1999 the Cabinet of Ministers already made the decision on reduction of the staff of deputy ministers on request of the International Monetary Fund."When I operated the biggest ministry - Ministry of Transport later, - I had that four deputies, including the first so I here don't recognize any exceptions", - Pustovoytenko speaks. Nevertheless later the situation again returned into place. Now the Minister of Transport has 10 deputies.

The ex-the prime minister reminded that the former Minister of Defence Alexander Kuzmuk had only five deputies, and today this ministry of number of officials gained the lead. In it 12 deputy heads work.

The salary of the deputy minister now makes about 15 thousand hryvnias therefore the economy of means due to reduction of these officials can be very essential. However already now ministers recommend to the deputies to refuse from 50%-ache extra charges to a salary.


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