"Nikolayevoblenergo" - a headache of the Nikolaev businessmen

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Today in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the next meeting - meeting with the Nikolaev businessmen, this time with representatives of a services sector took place. However, these representatives gathered not densely - all - that came the person forty. For what reasons the deputy mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha didn't come to this meeting to businessmen didn't report. Instead of it this meeting was held by the head of department of the services sector easy and processing industry and support of business activity Andrey Yakovlev.

Andrey Yakovlev declared present that it not that case when it is possible to understand separately. "In present conditions we need to unite", - he declared to businessmen, meaning an economic crisis.

The problems declared by representatives of a services sector, a little than differed from problems of other businessmen. Generally it is the problems sounded at the previous meetings, - continuous checks, the credits in banks and "Nikolayevoblenergo" tariffs.

"We have constant problems with the bank credits", - businessmen declared. According to them, in present conditions when the majority of the credits were taken in dollars, to pay them it is very problematic.

Businessmen complained that now it is impossible to issue so-called credit vacation in the Nikolaev branches of banks, that is to receive a delay on repayment of a body of the credit at least till spring and to pay only percent in spite of the fact that the corresponding applications were written two months ago.

As for complaints apropos "Nikolayevoblenergo", the head of the Nikolaev representation Goskompredprinimatelstva Valery Vetrov declared that "Nikolayevoblenergo" - the monopolist with whom it is difficult to be at war".To be at war - that it can and it is difficult but what to do to those to people who already were tired to do it alone?

And complaints to "Nikolayevoblenego" at all businessmen same is and advance payments for the electric power, and constant increase in tariffs, and shutdowns failure to pay (though actually in most cases everything is already paid, it is simple confirmation didn't manage to come from bank, and after all connection costs about 200 UAH), and inclusion in payment of the additional amounts (so-called "inflationary"), and also many other things. In total also you won't list.

It is clear that such problems to solve quite difficult, especially without having listened to opinion about it other party. Therefore at meeting it was decided to hold one more meeting and to invite to it except businessmen as well heads of the Nikolaev branches of banks and representatives of "Nikolayevoblenergo" in common to develop any decision.

Well, well, we will look, whether this meeting and if yes, that what there are its results will take place. For now the epic with the Nikolaev businessmen proceeds …

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