Yushchenko abolished Chernovetsky's raised municipal tariffs

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The president Victor Yushchenko cancelled the decision of the head of Kiyevgorgosadministration Leonid Chernovetsky on increase of tariffs for utilities for 50% since February 1.

The relevant decree is published on the website of the president.

According to Yushchenko, the orders of December 25, 2008 Chernovetsky "the next time broke an order of formation of tariffs for production, transportation, deliveries of heat power and service of the centralized heating and a hot water service".

Besides, according to the president, at the edition of these orders a number of requirements of the law "About Zhilishchno — Utilities", in particular, according to prices/tariffs on zhilishchno - utilities at a rate of economically reasonable costs of their production, granting to consumers of information on structure of prices/tariffs is broken.

"So, of December 25, 2008 tariffs on zhilishchno - utilities for certain consumers are increased by orders by 3,5 - 9 times, however, according to NKRE and the Ministry of the questions housing and communal services, tariffs operating in Kiev for a heat supply, water supply and a drainage system for the population for 52 - 67% compensate cost of the corresponding services, and for commercial consumers - for 77-214%", - is spoken in the document.

Yushchenko also emphasizes that increase of tariffs on zhilishchno - utilities is made without preliminary publication of information with justification of need of modification of tariffs for ZhKU, without granting to consumers of information on structure of prices/tariffs.

According to the president, Chernovetsky's orders can lead to deterioration of conditions of activity of certain subjects of managing.

"During a situation aggravation in financially - the economic sphere the repeated increase in expenses of subjects of managing owing to unreasonable increase in tariffs on zhilishchno - utilities can lead to increase of cost of goods and the services realized by subjects of managing, partial unemployment, dismissal of their employees, up to bankruptcy of certain subjects of managing", - Yushchenko declares.

In this regard Yushchenko decided to cancel Chernovetsky's orders on December 25, 2008 "About coordination of tariffs for utilities on the centralized supply of cold water and a drainage system of cold and hot water for the budgetary establishments and other consumers" and "About the statement of tariffs for thermal energy, establishment and coordination of tariffs for utilities of the centralized heating and supply of hot water for the budgetary establishments and other consumers".

The decree comes into force from the date of its publication.


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