A.Garkusha: repetitions weren't? repetitions were!

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Recently on one of the Nikolaev sites interview to Alexey Garkusha was published. At first sight - there is nothing surprising, even on the contrary: the first person of area, on all democratic canons, has to give interview, telling people about itself and the affairs. However, reading this material, it is difficult to get off thought that you read that already where - that read. Namely - Garkusha's printed in the "Moskovsky Komsomolets V Ukraine" newspaper the interview (No.16 (523), on April 16-22, 2008). This interview "An eye monarchic" was called, and his main thought - the quote sounded so: "At Alexey Garkusha with conscience everything is all right". Here again, in interview under heading"Alexey Garkusha's related communications", the task to show that at Garkusha with related communications everything is all right is felt. Nevertheless, even in such brushed, it is obvious - a custom-made material, Garkusha blabs out, showing the reader the real face.

Interview begins with the main subject which, without exaggeration, shook the public not only Nikolaev, but also all area. It is a question of appointment of the governor's son-in-law, Andrey Shapovalov, the head of the Berezansky district state administration. Garkusha perfectly knows, WHAT resonance was caused by this appointment, and THAT people speak about its reasons. Therefore literally from the first words tries to justify - but does it quite clumsily, so true motivation literally прет of each line. Begins the answer Alexey Nikolaevich, as well as it is necessary, from the earth.

"If I needed to resolve "the issues" in this area (and for today I there have neither centimeter, nor an earth iota, maybe, I - only who there has no earth), through the third-party person I would make for a long time it and would be pure... "

Only one offer - and as much from it follows! In - the first, distinctly looked through, badly hidden irritation: how it - at me (!) - also isn't present the earth in Koblevo? How such it could turn out? How allowed? Who? Why? Though already statement of a question raises big doubts.The mighty of this world, managed to snip off big chunks of the koblevsky earth, as a rule, make out it not on themselves, and on figureheads - and bribes are smooth. According to documents all this belongs to any Ivan Pupkin. And in practice there is an influential owner. It is possible therefore to speak, at best, that in Koblevo there is no earth issued PERSONALLY on Garkusha yes, probably, and won't be - Alexey Nikolaevich understands rules of the game well that follows from the same quote: "... through the third-party person I already would make long ago it and would be pure". That - that, and science how to turn the businessman through "the third-party person" and to remain pure, Garkusha acquired in perfection - in this case he is "professor". About what, in the heat of the argument, he also declares in interview.

"But the situation in the area so difficult, - answers Garkusha further, - that I am compelled to take such steps which I tried not to do throughout all the life.(Yes! Sons-in-law weren't earlier, Alexey Nikolaevich, or what?) And the area very difficult just because there is the coast. First the regional state administration offered two candidates of the acting as the head of the Berezansky district state administration, but for various reasons they didn't pass".

Garkusha modestly holds back surnames of these candidates which "didn't pass". And in vain - after all it would be so interesting! Where "didn't pass"? Why "didn't pass"? Whether not therefore, what aren't lucky enough to be garkushiny sons-in-law? And then: before eyes at all other example - Garkushina a creature Dima Oboronko "didn't pass" through interview in the Cabinet of times five. And anything - sits quietly, at a position, indifferently. It seems that "these didn't pass" to nobody known poor creatures because shouldn't have passed - the place initially kept for the governor's son-in-law.

And Garkusha continues to please the reader with revelations further:

"Attempts to bring an order by means of the previous heads of the district state administration weren't crowned with success: these people handed over positions, in any degree even sold interests of the state.

It as so, Alexey Nikolaevich? You know, what certain people "sold interests of the state" and you about it are silent? Or you about the fact of sale of the state interests learned just now, at appointment of the son-in-law? And if knew and were silent, just right to raise a question of how you, the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha, protect the state interests! However, now it seems the SBU, counterintelligence, prosecutor's office and other retaliatory bodies can sleep peacefully - who - who, and Garkusha's son-in-law Andrey Shapovalov on the Koblevsky coast will deal with the state interests. Moreover, according to information going from directors of bases from the Koblevsky recreation area, ALREADY started "understanding"!

"Yes, it is my son-in-law to whom 34 years, - Garkush's answer continues. - But look: to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada - 35 years, to many ministers are much less than years.

Here the governor is enough - toporno tries to take away conversation from the main point. To it question: "why Shapovalov is appointed? " - it in reply: "to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada too 35 years". How here not to remember immortal Gogol: "Ivan Ivanovich of a little timid character. At Ivan Nikiforovich, opposite to that, wide trousers in such wide folds that if to inflate them, in them it would be possible to place all yard with barns and a structure".

"Andrey Shapovalov knows that this such - business management, -Garkushaconvinces farther. - And for me it is very important to be sure that in the management of the area he will accurately adhere to the legislation... "

And what - only the governor's son-in-law knows, "that this such - business management? " And really there are no other people capable "accurately to adhere to the legislation"? They don't exist in the nature, or such inexplicable deficiency arose only in the Nikolaev area? Though to explain here to anybody anything and it isn't necessary. It is known that "apple from an apple-tree far doesn't fall" so, most likely, зятек "will adhere to the legislation" in the same way, as well as high-ranking a testyushka. And AS it does it - it is known to all area!

And here still what question arises constantly when you read interview: why all - Garkusha put the son-in-law to direct Berezansky area, instead of any another? Bereznegovatsky, for example, or Krivoozersky... In these regions of problems it is more, than in Berezanskom. But there the governor of the son-in-law why - that didn't send.It is visible, "accurately to adhere to the legislation" and to observe the state interests everything - coast Black Sea more favourably, instead of in krivoozersky Kodyma's bog.

But if you think that it on it Grakusha's revelations come to an end, deeply you are mistaken.

In response to an innocent question of the journalist:

-Andrey Shapovalov is a husband of your daughter Inga who participated in the past elections of the Nikolaev mayor?

Garkusha opened the heart:"... Abouton actually I "worked" against one of candidates, and I think that not bad worked, judging by result... "

So that's that: only in two years after Garkush's elections shows cards of the daughter - the candidate in mayors. It appears, she didn't want to become mayor (all election campaign - pure noodles on ears to voters), and set the only purpose: "to work against one of candidates". In other words, I carried out a role "the false candidate". Role, as we know, a little dear on which those whom on life contemptuously call "shesterka" agree only. Whether for these "feats" daddy in November of last year awarded the daughter the state award - the medal "For Pratsyu and Zvityagu"? Interestingly - if on future elections Garkusha's daughter once again "will go in mayors", again will be "false"?

And here Garkushe's one more interesting question:

- Andrey Omelchuk's tragic death, the director of KP "Avtotransobsluzhivaniye", connect with allegedly your desire to give to Inga this enterprise.

Garkusha, naturally, denies the desire to give to Inga the enterprise. And then speaks:

"When I learned about Andrey Omelchuk's death, appealed to the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to find out causes of death because already then I knew how it will be beaten. As I was told after conversation with the wife, A. Omelchuk long was ill, suffered from a hypertension".

And and here Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? What, someone physically killed Omelchuk? And how to understand words: "As I was told after conversation with the wife... "? Who told - the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? No, someone in plural. Who exactly? After what conversation? To whom exactly the late Andrey Omelchuk's wife talked? Who informed Garkushi, what "A. Omelchuk long was ill, suffered from a hypertension"?

Garkusha doesn't consider it necessary to specify all this.

Meanwhile, as Andrey Omelchuk's son Alexander told the author of this article, his father NEVER for many years was in the hospital. So to tell that it "long was ill" - means, to extend an absolute lie. The only time Andrey Omelchuk got to hospital in September, 2007 - then when on it pressure began from Garkusha...

Generally, interview under the name "Alexey Garkusha's Related Communications", very much reminds interview to Garkusha in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets in Ukraine".

How there was that interview in the republican newspaper - think, it is clear to all: in precisely the same way, as well as this interview in Nikolaev the Internet - the edition. Simply Garkusha periodically has a need "to wash" itself in the press. It already system which is accurately traced. Why it does it? Let everyone will give itself(himself) the answer to this question.


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