The Crimean power wants to select at Sevastopol part of money for a dislocation of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation

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The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of ARC Anatoly Gritsenko considers that the autonomy is unfairly deprived of the means received for a dislocation of divisions of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in its territory.

Today, speaking at extraordinary session of the Crimean parliament where ARC draft budget for 2009 was considered, Gritsenko declared: "We one more reserve have are the money received for a dislocation of the Black Sea Fleet which only arrive to the city of Sevastopol". According to the Crimean speaker, from 15 thousand hectares of the earth occupied by the BSF by the Russian Federation, 13 thousand are in Leninsky district of an autonomy. "And Leninsky district doesn't receive while kopeks because all means are accumulated in the city of Sevastopol, - Gritsenko told. - Therefore we will leave with the offer that receipt in the budget as Sevastopol was proportional from square meter, and Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and it will be an additional source of the budget of ARC".

I met Gritsenko's this performance of halls an applause. In turn, the head of the Sevastopol city state administration, the deputy of BP of ARC Sergey Kunitsyn objected the Crimean speaker, having reminded that the autonomy cities in which parts of the BSF are located, also receive means for from a dislocation. "We receive the share, and the Crimea - Feodosiya and Evpatoria - receive the share", - he told. "We receive, but only not in that ratio in which have to receive", - told in reply to Gritsenko.

Later, communicating with journalists, Kunitsyn declared that the Crimean speaker simply doesn't own a situation when says that means receives for basing of fleet only Sevastopol. "It is a lie. Actually Sevastopol didn't receive these means, up to my arrival by the head of administration of the hero town in 2006. Then we considerably raised this question. We managed to achieve the Decree of the President and the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers where it is provided that to 50% of means have to remain every year in the region. Year for a year isn't necessary, but the city doesn't receive less than 100 million UAH. These means fine help out us.Nothing prevents the management of the Crimea to be overcome for the share, however anybody never for it fought", - Kunitsyna "Ukrinform" quotes. In addition, according to Kunitsyn, annually Black Sea fleet allocates 20 million UAH for reconstruction of objects of social infrastructure which are in the territory of Sevastopol and the Crimea. And from these means every year Feodosiya and settlement Guards, ARC located in the territory, receive on one - two million UAH. "Therefore Gritsenko is wrong as doesn't own a situation. As for means for fleet basing, the parliament of the Crimea needs to fight for them, instead of to be engaged in babble", - Kunitsyn added.

In the State budget of Ukraine 101,9 million UAH of compensation are planned for 2009 to local budgets of losses of the income owing to placement of divisions of the Black Sea fleet of Russia. The subvention is intended to Sevastopol, Feodosiya, and also settlement Guards, the Simferopol area. They have to receive 100 million UAH, 1,5 million UAH and 400 thousand UAH respectively. Besides, in the state budget 28 292,8 thousand UAH are planned for development socially - the economic sphere of Sevastopol, by 1360 thousand UAH - Feodosiya, 215,8 thousand UAH - Guards.


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