The sexual communist Golub swears that he not the whore

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Communists won't vote on Thursday for government resignation if there is no opportunity to create the new majority in parliament and to elect the new government.

The deputy from Communist party Alexander Golub declared Live it on air of Schuster on TV channel Ukraine.

"If we aren't able to create the new majority and the new government if our colleagues from Party of Regions don't bring us the list from 200 surnames - there is a new majority and your 27 voices, join, we now will appoint Victor Fedorovich the prime minister - the minister and we will elect the new government, I sense to vote for resignation I don't see", - he told.

"Though on the other hand, the government deserves resignation. Its actions are inadequate to that crisis which is", - declared Is blue.

At the same time he noted that "the position of Communist Party will be defined on Thursday at meeting of presidium of the Central Committee".

Making comments on BYuT statement, that voices of communists for resignation of the government try to buy, the deputy told: "There is a good joke. There are two men, by there passes the sexy woman. One another asks: "You with it slept? ". "Isn't present. And you? ". "no". "Here what whore". Here same occurs in policy".

"Will vote for Tymoshenko's resignation - took money from Firtash and from oligarchs of Party of Regions. Won't vote - took money from Yulia Timoshenko. In this situation we will be guided by logic", - told Is blue.


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