Simonenko will agree soon that the father of his daughter is whether Yushchenko, whether Firtash

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The leader of Communist Party puts forward own "versions" of the reasons of scandal, razrazivshy in its family.

In interview to the newspaper "2000" Pyotr Nikolaevich appears not as "the love-rat artful", deceiving the unfortunate wife, and as the innocent victim - and, not own passions, and universal plot.

We give reasonings of companion Simonenko in this respect:

"That the custom-made scenario on my discredit is realized, it is obvious …

For me the most distressing that in this artificially created "scandal" try to use people, relatives to me in the past or the present … Unfortunately, Svetlana Vladimirovna (the thrown Simonenko of the spouse - "Regional committee") allowed to involve herself in the scenario of "black" political strategists where she acts only as the instrument of political punishment of me, in the cynical scenario of easy riders for whom its personal experiences have absolutely no value …

From a tribune of the Verkhovna Rada I sounded the facts about scandalous corruption which took place in those "smelly gas schemes" from which Yushchenko, years acting as "roof" for shadow businessmen disowns. It for a long time not a secret not only in Ukraine, but also as we could hear, for the top management of Russia. Investigation of the frauds made with use of the intermediary of "Rosukrenergo" is now made, all new and new facts of corruption emerge. The same on frauds in the currency market. Unfortunately, were involved in these criminal schemes not only the president and his camarilla, but also a number of politicians from as though opposition party of regions...

Naturally, the Communist Party as the most consecutive and basic force, not allowing to establish Yushchenko's pro-American nationalist dictatorship in a support on oligarchs, disturbs. Respectively - decided to strike blow to me as to the leader of KPU...

Unfortunately, it wasn't succeeded to settle private matters on - human, without involvement of strangers, besides politically interested in inflating of public scandal.

And it doing not wash some wine. It is sure that my companions will be able to separate that is called flies from cutlets, will understand me both as person and as the man, and their position won't be based on gossips and insinuations of dirty political strategists".


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