In Nikolaev protest action "took place Got! ". Its result: footwear mountain, paper самолетики and candidate for president

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Today, on February 5, in Nikolaev there took place All-Ukrainian protest action "Got" within the movement "Third Republic".

The Nikolaev motorists were passed by a motorcade on the main transport artery of the city - to Lenin Avenue then went to picket the Nikolaev oblgosadminitration.

The main claims of picketers were formulated so:

"We were GOT by nonsense and irresponsibility of this SYSTEM in which everyone for itself, and it is bad all!

We were GOT by these cunning, but narrow politicians who spit on the people and trample down because hope that we NEVER will raise the heads!

We were GOT by games of politics, a divergence of the authorities of all levels and branches during the crisis, the corrupted National Bank with ITS course, criminal omission in a situation with "Faina" where the death of our fellow citizens (by the way, anywhere in the world so irresponsibly is possible every second and indifferently don't treat life of own citizens! )

We were GOT by a silly ban and authorization systems for business,

We were GOT by bribes and "the clan state",

Us GOT irresponsibility of militia, fast, ЖЭКов,

We were GOT by nihilism of tops in relation to BUMS and the poorest segments of the population! ! !

We were GOT by their contempt for MIDDLE CLASS! ! !

We don't like new excises, increase of cost of checkup and gasoline when around the world it becomes cheaper!

It isn't pleasant to us that for fight against crisis in our country choose reduction state.expenses and increase in taxes many times though in all developed the world all occurs exactly the opposite! "That the cow ate less and milked more, it is necessary to feed less her and to milk more! " / Kot Matroskin - the motto of our power /


Besides, participants of the action also made demands to the authorities among which was "To stop reduction of the sizes and a delay of social payments", "To adopt the Law on bankruptcy of natural persons", "To adopt the Law on a ban of withdrawal of any property of citizens, except mortgage", "To cancel new rates of autotaxes and to establish the moratorium on their increase at least for 5 years", "To cancel increase of rates of market collecting".

Despite determination of the declared requirements, during holding an action there was an impression that it no more than working off of the means spent for preparation - nikolayevets behaved quite inertly. However among picketers ideological "citizens" - so were observed also, for example, one of acting so "was got by all system" that he proposed the cardinal solution - to elect him the president or at least to make the prime minister - the minister. The activist promised that he in a year will bring an order to Ukraine, and we, according to him, will live soon "better than in Poland", it will personally track that the average salary across Ukraine was not less than 3 thousand UAH

However proposals of the "ideological" companion still didn't receive the worthy answer - according to nikolayevets, he already repeatedly addressed with the "rationalization" offers in the BYuT Nikolaev regional party organization, but it there didn't understand. As the activist declared, the head of fraction of a regional council of BYuT Victor Butko responded to his offers: "While we at the power, to us it is uninteresting".

Except "the potential president" the floor was taken also by other participants of the action. However their performances were generally reduced to one: in total and everything got. It is remarkable that among others appeals sounded and to replace the constitutional harmony - Ukrainian people as the power source, has the right to make changes, instead of officials, - picketers claimed.

For confirmation of the words picketers made fashionable now ritual a deytsviya - "threw" a door to the building YEAH old boots and slippers.

Appeals to very illegal actions sounded also. "The power doesn't pay to us attention - so let's cease pay taxes, and then they will notice us! ! ! ", - I declared one of the acting.

But, despite noisiness of an action, to picketers so anybody also didn't leave. In the end participants of meeting started towards the Nikolaev regional state administration paper самолетики. The sense of this action remained not clear - possibly, it meant that they were "got" also by the Nikolaev power, and picketers wanted to show these that if regional heads "will depart", behind them anybody won't miss.


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