Chernovetsky's racket directly from a cemetery came to dentists and children - athletes

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Inhabitants of Kiev didn't manage to leave shock after raider occupation of the Kiyevgorgosadministratsiy all sphere of funeral services as Chernovetsky started new attack - to tear off a fantastic sum from young athletes and clients of stomatology.

On the Khreshchatyk, 36 the next fresh idea ripened. However, for this purpose inhabitants of Kiev should offer teeth. In the capital want to create TMO "Stomatology" to which 11 specialized policlinics of the city and three medical institutions with KP status will submit.

According to Alexander Pabat, the deputy head of the commission Kiyevsoveta concerning health care, this idea won't touch nobody's interests. "In the city hall don't deal with issues of stomatology, - Pabat, which, by the way, and the stomatologist by training worries. - Therefore we want to create structure which will help physicians to coordinate purchases". Shortly a question of creation of TMO "Stomatology" will submit for Kiyevsovet's session.

The new structure promises to be profitable. Only KP "Kiev City Dental Clinic" earns 6-8 million UAH the year two of which go to the local and regional budget. Respectively, 14 similar medical institutions can easily bring 25 million UAH, And, maybe, much more. It isn't excluded that in the conditions of crisis the city hall will simply raise service prices of doctors.

Natalja Novak, the member of the commission Kiyevsoveta concerning business, is sure what exactly and will be. "Now they try more and more or less profitable spheres to unite in the municipal enterprises to control financial streams. For example, at me on a table the draft decision on association of all sports schools and teenage clubs of Kiev now lies. From children are going to take on 450 UAH a month though earlier it was free", - Novak speaks. To areas already sent the circular with the requirement to carry out inventory of all clubs. And all for this purpose, oppositionists are sure of Kiyevsoveta to take away them in city property.

However, the family of the mayor Chernovetsky, most likely, will estimate the most attractive rooms personally. At least, such fate is prepared to Spartak Hem sports club which 57 years occupy a hall in the building on Konstantinovskaya St., 37."At us about 200 people are engaged. Four years we trained the son of the town governor Stepan Chernovetsky. And quite recently it became clear that our lease contract is renewed on JSC Elita boks promoushn which Stepan directs. To us suggested to move in... dental clinic", - Yury Andreychuk, the president of sports club and the first vice-the president of Federation of boxing of Ukraine is indignant. In a stomatpoliklinik too are revolted. "Us want to deprive a X-ray - an office, registry, medical offices, surgery, an office of prosthetics and to place the sports hall on their place. And where 140 thousand people which are attached to us will be treated? " - Olga Umrikhina, the manager therapeutic office stomatpoliklinik of the Podolsk area is surprised.

Meanwhile officials only make a helpless gesture. "Yes, we have an offer from "Elite boxing promotion" to create one more boxing club. But the decision still isn't present", - Victor Okraychenko, the employee of Podolsk RGA speaks.

It isn't excluded that the fate of stomatologists and sports sections can soon comprehend and other enterprises of the city. "In Kiev plan to create the KP whole network is both fast food, and car washes, and HUNDRED", - Sergey Melnik, the member of the budgetary commission Kiyevsoveta speaks. Allegedly Chernovetsky already charged to areas to find for 50 rooms under public caterings and 100 - for car washes and HUNDRED. It and is clear: after all both HUNDRED, and a public catering - the enterprises profitable. Only one point стритфуда, according to Olga Nasonova, the general director of the Restaurant Consulting company, can bring to 30 thousand UAH a month. And repair of cars (the city hall assigned such mission to "Kiyevpasstrans") - an invention monetary. "Now small HUNDRED smother new tariffs for utilities. Therefore, all will go to "Kiyevpasstrans", - the master of one of private HUNDRED Igor assumes.

However, to the budget from these innovations neither it is hot, nor it is cold, the opposition is sure of Kiyevsoveta. "KP have the right to transfer money for the discretion - for example, in charity foundations. And it is so possible to create one more, the shadow budget of Kiev", - Melnik speaks. As told a source in Kiyevsoveta in Klitschko's block, allegedly some KP compel to transfer money in such funds. For these means, on hearings, rations for the needy also are bought.

Meanwhile, Leonid Chernovetsky assures that his team works only for the benefit of inhabitants of Kiev. And all of its Ides


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