Chornovil told about Firtash's game and the conflict in Party of Regions

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The member of fraction of Party of Regions Taras Chornovil considers that process of addition of mandates to which the fraction is going to resort to achieve early elections, won't be crowned with success.

"To me in a lobby approached to thirty people who said that never will put any mandates, but how many they will be actually, it is heavy to me to tell", - Chernovil in toldinterview to "Editor-in-chief".

Besides in the new edition the law "About Elections of People's Deputies" procedure of zeroing of electoral lists is complicated and demands the personal statement of each candidate therefore carrying out early elections is improbable, Chornovil considers.

"Look at "tail" of the list of Party of Regions which too will need to be nullified! It, in the majority, people who made elections on places, and used in their very dirty way and threw out! You think, they now will go on a string at Party of Regions? I very much doubt it", - the deputy speaks.

Chornovil explains intentions of the management of PR to put mandates and to achieve early elections and government resignation with influence on Dmitry Firtash's fraction.

"It seems to me that all these games in delivery of mandates and early elections are Firtash's game, - Chornovil is sure. - Now, when it throw out from Russia when it isn't excluded that it should sit down at a lattice or to disappear and change appearance, it has a little time to break a situation and to take the power in Ukraine. If it doesn't make it for two - three months, anybody in Party of Regions won't talk to it... "

It is more about the internal conflict in Party of Regions, about influence on PR fraction of Victor Yanukovych and the co-owner of Rosukrenergo Dmitry Firtash and Rinat Akhmetov's plans of rather future allies read in Taras Chornovol's exclusive interview to the Editor-in-chief edition.


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