Features of the Lvov kumovstvo

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In Lviv - pseudo-corruption scandal which can develop into a serious political conflict. In the center of events - the secretary of city council, the representative of "TIME" Vladimir Kvurt and probably his godfather, the city head Andrey Sadovy. And speak about it in Lviv not as about such who covers the godfather, and on the contrary as about the person initiating business against it.

The situation blew up a week ago when the public knew of the decision of Shevchenkovsky district court of May 29. In the decision actions of the secretary of the Lvov City Council Vladimir Kvurt are recognized corruption. Say, being abroad on private matters, mister Kvurt continued to receive a salary. The matter to court was brought by regional management of Security service of Ukraine. It also became one of the reasons of that business seemed at once strange both to journalists, and politicians. After all it was a question already about more than 800 grivnyakh that as usual isn't the sum appearing in affairs which interest SBU.

One more interesting illustration: the check of the SBU which has found the fact which was cornerstone of business, happened on May 15, and the judgment - speed for Lvov (and for Ukrainian as a whole) Themis very unexpected was passed already on May 29. But also, in Lviv all know about Kvurt's considerable income, before arrival to city council of the successful businessman. Whether there was at it a reason to be substituted from - for so insignificant sum?

As Vladimir Kvurt explained, he suffered due to a misunderstanding which occurred whether by someone's mistake, whether on evil intention. Say, it went not to business trip, however and not absolutely on private matters. It was a question of a meeting with representatives of a water utility of Budapest at which presented advantages of transfer to concession municipal, in particular water supplying, the enterprises (the idea of similar concession was discussed then in Lviv). According to the secretary of the City Council, as usual, he didn't intend to make out business trip, at the same time planned to take vacation at own expense.

It submitted the application for it to the city head Andrey Sadovom and went to the Hungarian capital. And that the statement for the unknown reason wasn't signed and to it added a salary during this time, I learned much more later then wrote the application for deductions by mistake of the paid money. That during court these documents provided by SBU, weren't heard, and that the court took place so quickly and without its participation, as well as other factors, forced Vladimir Kvurt to declare "the political order" which was executed allegedly by regional management of SBU. About the order speak both other "porist" and representatives of fractions UNP and "Freedoms" who supported the colleague during joint a press - conferences. They addressed with the general statement to the President Victor Yushchenko and the head of SBU to Valentyn Nalyvaichenko in whom investigation of actions of local "red-tape-mongers" demanded, and personally from the head of regional management of SBU Anatoly Matios Kvurt will demand public apologies.

In general in the Lvov politicum discuss first of all not questions of 800-hryvnia "corruption", and "who ordered" or, as a last resort, "to whom it is favorable". To the correspondent "k: " it was necessary to hear three different versions concerning initiators of events. However, even her authors perceive one of them as something on the verge of a fantasy. It is a question of possible resignation of century of the Acting governor Nikolay Kmitya. In due time "TIME" offered to this position of mister Kvurt therefore slips now thought that someone tidied up the competitor from - for positions. However, the statement of that time wasn't apprehended seriously even by journalists, not to mention the people having influence on purpose of the head YEAH. To such itself public relations public relations.

There is one more option: say, all this from - for the conflict of local "TIME" to the party head Vladislav Kaskivy. The matter is that withdrawal from All-Ukrainian "TIME" of the Lvov cell means full death of this and so half-dead party, and it isn't necessary Bank to which else have to serve both Kaskiv, and the name of party "is TIME". Nevertheless, as assure both in official, and of informal conversations Lvov "porist", to Kiev they often have misunderstanding, but in a cruel fight didn't end yet. And recently anything special in this context didn't happen. Besides if who snaps at capital members of the same party, not so careful and quiet Kvurt. Though as a whole to warn freethinking "porist" from Lviv, it would be possible to play and such game with SBU and vessels.

Therefore both among observers, and among public, and in media space one thought prevails: the secretary of the City Council fell a victim of own godfather, the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovy. The fact is given as argument that the mistake (if it and really there was a mistake) couldn't occur without participation of the mayor who didn't sign the application for holiday. It also that Garden consider friendly in relation to present heads of security officers in Lvovshchina (and to the city prosecutor with whom studied in parallel classes, and to the head of department of SBU). And even that hyperactive a press - the City Council service is silent this time despite the fact that statements like "Garden I set up the godfather" in large quantities walk in information space of the regional center. By the way, and Kvurt still couldn't communicate to the mayor concerning that ill-fated application for holiday. "k: " also tried to get Andrey Ivanovich's comment, his press - the secretary even promised that will connect us with the mayor of Lviv, however at the time of imposition of number to talk with Garden it wasn't possible.

And here rather potential motives of the conflict between godfathers of thought are various. Which - who says that the rating of the secretary of the City Council promptly rose recently, almost closely to the mayor who can disturb the last. Others consider that smooth drift of "TIME" towards opposition to the mayor, in particular, constant requirements of the report Garden and information publication that the city head actually doesn't report though declares in the press the opposite could become the reason. Probably, it is a question actually of a certain number of land affairs which didn't pass through the City Council, though were allegedly lobbied by the mayor. And it is possible, all together. Garden (if really it initiated business) at one stroke I tried to get rid of the possible competitor on future elections and I showed to city deputies that it isn't necessary to be fond of oppositional games.

In all this history there is one more aspect - SBU management again for the last months is made a laughing-stock. It is possible to remember the frozen conflict to Rudkovsky, senseless stories to Zhvaniya's nationality. Eventually, corruption actions for 800 UAH it is simply ridiculous. The SBU shows that now isn't ready to make public both the serious facts, and serious charges.


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