Mass media: Russia laid down to Ukraine conditions of receiving the credit

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On Friday, February 6, the Ukrainian delegation held a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin concerning receiving the five-milliard credit. By data "Mirrors of week", Russia put forward a number of conditions for receiving the help.

"The mirror of week" writes that the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko from a tribune of parliament promised "on the basis of negotiations with other states" till March to find more than 21 billion hryvnias for Stabilization Fund.

According to the edition, negotiations are conducted at once with several countries. In particular, negotiations on granting the five-milliard credit with Moscow are while only at a preliminary, technical stage. With the Ukrainian party, writes ZN, the deputy minister of finance Anatoly Myarkovsky, and also representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NBU took part in them.

The edition notes that the Minister of Finance Victor Pinzenyk who was in Feofaniya about occurring negotiations learned from "A mirror of week".

Preliminary financial conditions of a possible loan while are kept a secret as they aren't approved by the parties. For their final coordination already in a week, the newspaper writes, the second round of negotiations in Moscow has to take place.

However as reported to the edition a source in the Ukrainian delegation, during the meeting which have taken place on Friday with the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin a number of additional conditions was put forward. In particular, the Russian side expects from the Ukrainian:

- ratifications of the agreement about so-called "zero option" (the contract on the section of property of the former USSR under which Russia assumes all debts of the Union so is called, but other former republics refuse the claims for any property of the USSR),

- decisions Ukraine of questions of property of the former USSR abroad,

- solutions of controversial questions with the Russian property in Ukraine,

- recognition by Ukraine as a national debt of debts of the Ukrainian enterprises before Vneshekonombank of the USSR.

Yesterday, on February 6, on air of the Inter channel, authorized the president on international issues of energy security Bogdan Sokolovsky declared that the government delegation is sent to Moscow for secret negotiations with Russia on receiving the special credit.


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