In Communist Party consider that Simonenko has to think of that creates

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Leonid Grach, the People's Deputy from Communist Party told about how scandal with Pyotr Simonenko's divorce was reflected in image of the party.

We give a fragment of interview of L. Gracha to the newspaper "Business" :

- How family scandal of the leader of communists Pyotr Simonenko, connected with divorce and the birth of the illegitimate child, was reflected in image and party ratings?

- Pyotr Nikolaevich needs to reflect on everything seriously: about a family, about life which he lived with a family. And including that the new companion Oksana in interview of mass media tells it. The stories it did more harm, than other information messages. Today on party will beat. After all we stand not only on the ideological principles, but also positions of high morals. And after that case it will be very difficult for us to judge someone another.

- You want to tell, what derogation from the principles of morals of the party leader gives rise to big mistrust to a full lot?

- No doubt. I hear already today negative estimates from opponents of party - say, ah you such - syaky. For the first time about divorce I learned from telecasts. Happen it earlier, would say straight to the face of Pyotr Nikolaevich on - мужски: the party can't from - to receive blows for you.

- You speak about it lips of the majority of party members?

- I didn't do such analysis. I know only that in party there are a lot of the people who have passed many in this life. And they have very accurate canons in relation to a family.

- Perhaps, in this case it is possible to speak about any information provocation from political opponents?

In - the first, this information was rather widely shined in information space. In - the second, in this regard already today try to accuse also me in the devil knows what sins. Including there are statements that almost I provoked this event.

- Where logic of such charges?

- Any more the first year is presented as though I with it have an opposition for a position … And for the rest I don't see provocation. Oksana Vashchenko (Simonenko's new passion. - "BUSINESS") with pleasure gives interview to all details of their relations. Provokers also used this factor.

- Whom do you call the provoker?

Probably, it is a question of Yulia Timoshenko's PR managers. Simonenko is inconvenient for it as the candidate for president who has considerable support on Hugo - the country East. And after family scandal it will be extremely difficult to convince potential voters of something, to call them on the party. And if Simonenko doesn't begin to participate in elections or will lose support, the part of voices for which other candidates can battle will be released.

- The communist party doesn't plan to carry out extraordinary congress soon?

- Today there is no occasion to carry out it. Congress can be called for promotion of the candidate for president. Concerning Simonenko's divorce anybody won't begin to carry out congress.

- And concerning change of the leader?

- Why someone considers, what there will be a change of the leader? The party isn't going to change anybody. We will adhere to the principle: for one beaten seven unbeaten give. As for allegedly my desire to replace Simonenko, I want to tell all - I and so the party leader. As the personality I am the demanded person. And to be the formal leader there is no desire. If I wanted it, could become it for a long time.


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