Балога and Geletya threatened on the airport in Uzin?

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The military airfield located in Kiev region "Uzin" is leased to two little-known companies - JSC Ist Vest Transport Group and JSC Uzin-Trans.

Deputies from BYuT are sure: the head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloga and the head of department of state protection Valery Geletey are involved in it, writes "Business".

"The Ist Vest transport of groups" and "Uzin - a trance" on Monday was received by documents on the right of rent of military airfield "Uzin" located near White Church, for a period of 49 years, the mayor Uzina Alexander Okhrimenko reported to the newspaper.

According to the mayor, the companies chose following the results of competition. Their task - to turn the military airfield which was in desolation into a cargo hub: "For this purpose it is necessary to carry out reconstruction of all rooms which are in the airfield territory".

At the same time, deputies from BYuT consider that competition was held illegally, and firms - winners on the right of rent are lobbied by Balogoy and Geletey.

"We have the documents, testifying that the state property, not privatizeable and which is in state protection Management, is quickly leased to the private structures which have been directly connected with Geletey and Balogoy, for 49 years", - the deputy from BYuT Vladimir Pilipenko told. He assumes that firms coveted 762,7 hectares of the earth which are occupied by airfield.

In this regard deputies from BYuT sent a request in the Prosecutor General's Office and to the president Victor Yushchenko with the requirement to cancel the transaction.

Geletya denies the fact of transfer of state property to any structures. According to him, on the basis of distressful airfield the international training center will be constructed.

"Anybody sold airfield "Uzin" to nobody and didn't give as we simply have on it no powers. Also we have no right to alienate it", - the chief of UGO told.

In the last some years of the power advanced idea of construction of a cargo hub on the basis of the former strategic military of airfield "Uzin". Such reconstruction will manage approximately in 500 million dollars, the director of the Center of the economic and political analysis Alexander Kava counted.

According to him, the project can pay off at best in 20 years.But you shouldn't speak about its profitability, most likely, it will be unprofitable.

"Now it is difficult to this airport to find application. If to make the civil airport on its basis, it simply won't sustain the competition neither to "Borispol", nor to "Zhulyanami" because is far from Kiev. But also the idea to make a big cargo hub too is a little probable as transport planes deliver freights to Luxembourg, Frankfurt, and they cope with freght traffic. And to draw freght traffics to Ukraine it is almost unreal", - Kava explained. In his opinion, the only value of military airfield - the earth belonging to it.


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