The Chernovitsky is pursued by the sick grandmother

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The capital mayor Leonid Chernovetsky found to himself the beloved grandmother whom distinguished from all capital old women. It takes it with itself(himself) on a scene and calls in an office.

Leonid Chernovetsky and Nadezhda Vladimirovna Shalobayeva got acquainted on jumps on a hippodrome this Saturday. When Leonid Mikhaylovich declared season opening, to it on a scene passed the old woman. The mayor just told that people who live outside poverty will win, and promised monthly to give on social programs of 2,5 million dollars. Here on a scene also there was an elderly woman. The mayor didn't become puzzled, and with words: "Here they, my darlings", - I went to embrace the grandmother. The people began to be whispered that now Chernovetsky has the heroine, as at Yushchenko the woman of Parask.

Nadezhda Vladimirovna told that God helped to meet the mayor to her. "I buy newspapers, there and read that on a hippodrome there will be jumps, - tells - жа Shalobayev, - I when was young, went on jumps, put, won, and now I can't put - expensively... ". With Chernovitsky wanted to meet long ago, however everything a case didn't drop out, and here learned where it will be, came, and she was lucky.

Nadezhda Vladimirovna was born on June 10 1935-го (now her 73). It worked 52 years the seamstress - at first at factory of Gorky, and then for the known fashion designer Mikhail Voronin. Now it already great-grandmother. She asked for the mayor that that cured it. "More than anything it isn't necessary to me, - she speaks, - and that is heavy, veins are clogged, vessels". Wants that the mayor helped to put it in sanatorium. Before visit Nadezhda Vladimirovna had to accept soothing, says that doctors - not to be nervous so advised. It was necessary to address to the mayor because to pay for medicine to her difficult. "A circle it is necessary to give money, - she confidentially speaks, - to doctors pay a little... " However, in her opinion, at Mikhalycha it will turn out to correct everything to the best. Nadezhda Vladimirovna made a declaration of love to the mayor: "I love it. Some here not really, and I adore it... At all I don't know for what, simply I feel that the good person". And Chernovetsky's wife, Alina Ayvazova, too: "I know how didn't want that they were together, read in newspapers, and you see how god gave love to them... "

At first the mayor said that will accept Nadezhda Shalobayeva on Monday, in the 10th mornings.Then an appointment rescheduled on 17.30. The Segodnya newspaper went to the city hall with our heroine, however, according to the deputy head of Kiev municipal administration of Lyudmila Denisyuk, Chernovetsky just went to the airport on an important meeting. I rescheduled an appointment with the beloved grandmother for evening of Tuesday.


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