The winner of "Chernovetsky's races" disappeared. Together with cashiers and scenery

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The mayor of Kiev Chernovetsky recognized that with jumps not everything is pure, and declared that will return to nobody kopeks. And the lucky who has received $100 thousand on Saturday races, at all didn't show to public of the advantageous coupon.

Saturday races on the Kiev hippodrome passed more than strange: the people who have guessed a horse - the winner, as a result received money less, than put, and to equestrians while at all didn't pay. But the most mysterious character in this history - the winner Yury Dranyuk who has received $100 thousand from the mayor: about it absolutely know nothing neither on a hippodrome, nor in a press - service KGGA.

Nobody admits, and from where undertook and where this lucky who after the hour of triumph left accompanied by protection of the mayor got to. As a whole all this is strongly similar to swindle, and played impudently, in opened as if the purpose was not only to cut down a money but also also to mock, having shown that the justice isn't present and won't be.

- With jumps misunderstanding turned out, but I won't return anything, - the mayor declared. And to return probably, it should much. Chernovetsky recognized that from - for the bad organization, people who staked by means of SMS - messages, couldn't take part in draw of the first prize from it - $100 thousand in horse races and 100 thousand UAH in dog running. And about that, how many people were tempted and relied on a mobilka, it is necessary to guess only - invitations to participate in draw on the eve of races simply threw subscribers practically all operators.

- Races passed not by rules, - Nadezhda Zhuravel who has worked on a hippodrome of 32 years told the horse breeder, the equestrian 1-й categories. - In - the first, the sum which the equestrian - the winner receives as a prize wasn't registered in aaplets with numbers of horses and names of their equestrians. In - the second, there were no cash registers, and cashiers wrote everything by hand. By rules, the person the check without fail has to be issued and the equestrian has to know that he will receive for competition, anybody after all can't send horses free of charge.

According to Nadezhda Zhuravel, money promised to pay for horses on Wednesday - the sum of 100 thousand.the UAH will be distributed between all equestrians depending on the taken place. In total 80 horses took part in arrivals.

- Frankly speaking, my many colleagues to the last thought that the mayor will pay these $100 thousand to the equestrian who has won a cup. And so there was any unknown guy which even the advantageous coupon just for fun didn't show to public. From where we can know, whether he guessed these horses? At us many consider that this figurehead, but we can precisely claim nothing - proofs aren't present. And in general after that show as I call it, on a hippodrome everything returned into place: at once cleaned a covering and scenery, sorted and took away cash desks on the first floor.

Really, cash desks as on the first floor weren't earlier: specially under totalizator opening here put new cash cabins, established heaters, laid blue rugs. All this carried away at once after races.

- Cashiers that rates accepted, I don't know, they didn't work for us. These people both came, and left, - Zhuravel speaks. - At us old wooden cash desks worked at the second floor earlier, there were still Soviet devices which naturally were already broken. For couple of days before competitions them took away allegedly in repair, then told that will bring the new electronic. And as a result everything left differently.

- What legal grounds exist at KGGA for carrying out gamblings? For what means the powerful advertizing campaign - was carried out up to SMS mailing - messages? How many earned on it firms - intermediaries? There is a lot of questions - and on all of us will receive answers in law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Our lawyers already prepared the corresponding inquiries, - the deputy Kiyevsoveta Dmitry Andriyevsky declared.


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