That who doesn't pay for heat, will describe property

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On February 9 the mayor V. Chaika held a meeting of the management of the heatsupplying enterprises and the Public executive service. Discussed problems of payment for provided heat.

According to the head of OKP of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" V. Bereznitsky, for January only 54% added for heating are paid, i.e. every second consumer doesn't pay for heat. The heating season in Nikolaev can come to the end with such "rates" with 40 - million debts.

Unlike a water utility and energy drinks the heatsupplying enterprises have no technical capabilities to disconnect malicious defaulters. "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" in December filed a lawsuit statements of claim concerning 190 defaulters against total amount more than 1 million UAH. In January рассмотрено120 claims. Already there are judgments, for example, concerning residents of the house to Karpenko St. address, 28.

However the issue of repayment of debt needs to be resolved with involvement of executive service. According to V. Bereznitsky, the order of realization of property has to be most simplified as soon as possible to sell the confiscated property.

The head of JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant A. Shevchenko reminded that the Nikolaev tariffs for heating are the lowest in Ukraine. He considers that it is impossible to lead up a situation with payment to "an extreme point when gas-men will disconnect the heatsupplying enterprises".

The deputy of the mayor - the director of the department of housing and communal services V. Novozhilov emphasized that it is time to finish arrangements of the population. If citizens don't pay, "compulsory pushing for payment" follows further. In department there are addresses most "malicious defaulters".

"But I once again address to citizens: reconsider the resources, start liquidating debts, don't wait when to you performers" will come, - V. Novozhilov called.

The mayor V. Chaika emphasized that today "it is necessary to extend" payments at those who is able to pay for consumed heat.

The management of executive services of districts of the city suggested to make verification of decisions of the courts concerning zadolzhnik on heat.

During a meeting the decision on creation of the working groups which will participate in levy of execution at debtors was made.Militiamen in the beat, representatives will be their part State испол


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