Yushchenko: Tymoshenko signed with Putin Ribbentrop's pact - Molotova

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The president Victor Yushchenko accuses the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko that receiving the credit from Russia was part of gas arrangements.

He told about it in an opening speech at National Security and Defense Council meeting on Tuesday.

"It is heaviest morally - to make comments psychologically on that behind these two large gas agreements Molotov's confidential protocol - Ribbentropa when there is a speech about granting 5 billions credit from Russia" is made, - Yushchenko told.

He declared that within negotiations on receiving this credit the question of a consent on "was brought upzero option" distributions of property of the former USSR.

"I am revolted by that fact that within consultations without sanction of the head of state, without sanction of parliament questions by zero option" are considered, - Yushchenko told.

I responded to Tymoshenko's these words: "It isn't true".

In turn Yushchenko addressed to the head of the secretariat Victor Baloge.

"Victor Ivanovich, I ask to bring directives on the negotiations signed by deputies two ministers".

Yushchenko's document was transferred right there by the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Raisa Bogatyreva who sits to the right of it.

The president read specification of the government on negotiations about receiving the credit from Russia.

"We watch the 11th point where it is written down - prospects of ratification of the agreement on zero option", - Yushchenko told.

It read the list of that Ukraine loses in case of a consent to "zero option".

"It is serious questions for the Ukrainian nation which shouldn't depend on improvisation of one person, irrespective of his high status", - Yushchenko declared.


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