In housing and communal services Department thought up, than to entertain children and students during lessons and steam

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Precisely "threefold" it is possible to call the today's presentation organized by the housing and communal services city Department. The children's book - a coloring, a grant for youth on preservation of the rivers, and also five videos were submitted to nikolayevets in tiny, but a cozy hall of the Nikolaev Teacher's club. And all - on ecological subject.

The children's book carries the name "Pure City of Nikolaev, or Adventures of the Neatnik and Dirty Creature". She in a cheerful, game form tells kids as it is necessary to behave with garbage, than it is possible to help the nature that it is necessary to do not to pollute the earth, the wood, water in the rivers and air. Rhymes for a coloring were thought out by the poet Arkady Surov, art filling was studied by the artist Oleg Kollar, Sergey Karas was engaged in design, the Nikolaev publisher and the journalist Yury Minin edited a coloring. This book will be presented by everything to the Nikolaev first graders.

The deputy mayor, the director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov in the performance placed emphasis that in the course of education of children, their education a special place has to take the ecological moment. The child since the early childhood needs to be accustomed to that any piece of paper which has been thrown out on the road, the cud which stuck to a tree or has been spat out in the small river, does harm to the nature, pollutes environment in the conditions of which he should live. The child has to know for what on streets there are ballot boxes, and accuracy has to become his kind habit.

Some Nikolaev school students acted with a miniatyurka in which tried to explain to adults that it is necessary to do not to litter the hometown and the nature that us surrounds. In leading roles - the Neatnik and the Dirty creature who eventually came to the general conclusion that it is necessary - to protect all the nature and not to pollute it, and to throw out garbage in ballot boxes, instead of to rake up under a table …

The associate professor of ecology and ChGU environmental management of.Pyotr Mogila, the chairman of the Nikolaev public organization "Ekospektr" Svetlana Lebed presented the grant "Is information - methodical materials for the organization of practical activities of youth for preservation of the rivers". Book "it is recommended for teachers of the senior classes of comprehensive schools and teachers of higher educational institutions". However, it is unclear by WHOM it is recommended and why in it there is no review (if to consider that it is a grant) - there is only a link to those who reviewed.

The author - the originator of a grant Svetlana Lebed told that such mighty, apparently, the rivers are absolutely defenseless before activity such "small", in comparison with them, people. Anthropogenous influence appears the extremely pernicious for river ecosystems. So, need for development of the projects providing attraction of a wide circle to the solution of environmental problems of the rivers becomes aggravated.

By means of a videoprojector, rollers which were already broadcast on air of the Nikolaev TV channels were shown to the audience. Three of them urge not to litter (it so, briefly), one - to sit down more greens, and - to bring one more to walk of domestic dogs only in muzzles.

Concerning the last the chief of a municipal government of protection of surrounding environment Tamara Bakurskaya noted that now housing and communal services Department develop the program which will "regulate" behavior with pets on city streets. In some months the program will be submitted for the statement for session of city council.

It, Tamara Bakurskaya, also summed up the action result. The essence of its performance consisted approximately in the following. Almost always people, going outside or to the yard, abuse the city power: orders aren't brought, anything supposedly doesn't become. However thus many of them on - former continue to throw stubs and wrappers on asphalt, to spit out under feet a shell from sunflower seeds, etc. It reminded present known saying: purely not where clean and where don't litter.

To it, according to all acting, also it is necessary to train our children during family and school education …

Action and didn't do without small incidents. Yury Minin during presentation several times "called" the companion (many for fun even thought that a name at the person the such - "companion"). Minin admitted later that it even was pleasant to him.And the chief of a municipal government of education Raisa Vdovichenko was called "chief specialist". Some sharp fellows, on - kind laughing, noticed that, probably, still anybody so didn't "offend" her. From Raisa Petrovna to any reaction didn't follow. These and some other moments brought a little drive in action, made it brighter and memorable …


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