Chernovitsky I admitted that wants problems

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Lenya - Space already found whom to alloy apartments of beloved grandmothers which it gathers поизгонять from the first floors of houses.

Yesterday the mayor Leonid Chernovetsky held next "an anti-recessionary meeting".

About it the municipal newspaper "Kreshchatik" which note we give completely to give the chance to the reader to take pleasure once again in pearls of a space lizoblyudstvo writes:

"How with combined forces to fill the city budget, this time the mayor discussed with bankers, and is more concrete - with representatives of bank association "Ukrainian Creditno — the Bank Union". It is known that the financial sector of economy almost hooked on world crisis most, therefore Leonid Chernovetsky considers that support of the city power will be very relevant to banks. It took an interest at the bankers, which problems are for them the most painful.

According to the General director of UKBS Galina Olifer, questions of the translation of rooms from housing stock in uninhabited, advertizing, and also mortgage delivery are such.

The mayor promised that rooms for work of banks will be. "The other day I appointed the new head of BTI. Now you should have no problems with registration of rooms. Earlier in this structure without bribes to you and didn't want to talk. More such won't be", - Leonid Chernovetsky assured.

The mayor also promised to promote in advertizing of banking services which will be favorable to clients and at the same time will give the chance to work steadily to financial institutions. "We also will bring an order to the advertizing sphere. After all today the huge areas hand over for kopeks", - the mayor told. He suggested bankers to give advertizing, in particular in municipal mass media, after all they have the greatest audience and enjoy confidence of inhabitants of Kiev (? ! - Regional committee).

Leonid Chernovetsky urged financial sector to be more active and not to be reconciled with crisis. "Why you don't come to me with the problems? Problems are necessary to me! I can and I will solve them. Send faxes about the efforts and offers. I am ready to consider every second them", - the mayor told. Already today the mayor expects from bankers of offers in writing. In turn yesterday it provided them the. Per


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